What Are The Current Interior Tile Trends

Whether you are building or renovating your home, proper tiles can make a lot of difference to your budget and your property’s aesthetic appeal. Luckily, you can find tiles in varied designs, colors, and patterns to suit any theme or interior style.

The latest interior home designing focuses more on personalized accents than the generalized trends. Many people, nowadays, prefer installing natural stone flooring to add nature’s touch to their living spaces.

Let’s find out the latest tile trends to watch out for in 2020-2021.

Classic Marble Tile

The classic marbles are still preferable in homes as it offers an elegant feel at lower rates. These tiles add drama and character to your bathrooms, walls, fireplace, kitchen flooring, etc. It offers a chic artfulness and gives you endless style options to design your home with rich accents.

You can find a wide range of color options such as forest green, fiery, white, yellow, etc., which allows you to express your personality in the best possible way. You may even get a bit more experimental and choose your marble tile flooring in offbeat shades like dusty orange, blush pink, or sage green.

Decorative Tile

When it comes to renovating your home with chic styles, nothing can compare to decorative tiles. Just like natural stone flooring, you can get creative with a cutting-edge style, making your floor look like an exclusive artwork. It can be found in a large range of styles and here are some of the decorative tile style you will find more attractive in 2021:

  • Moroccan Tile: This type of tile emphasizes color, intricacy, and symmetric. It looks like handcrafted tile, also known as Zellij; however, you can use more creative color contrast and patterns without any hassle.
  • Art Deco Tile: Now, you can indulge in the glamour with elegant and eye-catching geometric patterns of Art deco tile. This type of tile is all about shine, polish, and bold contrast with a golden touch.

This trend is bold, and most people will love it while others will just consider it a simple idea.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone flooring is widely popular in the kitchen and bathrooms. The demand for natural stones is continuously roaring as people love natural elements in their home. The variant patterns and mixed designs offered by these tiles blend seamlessly with the existing décor as well.

The beautiful stones come in a wide range from limestone, travertine, flagstone, and granite to marble. If you’re looking to get the most timeless look, stick to marble, slate, or limestone. They are the perfect companion to wood-look style because of their elegant patterns and textures.


In the past, ceramic tile flooring was actually known for its sharp looks and versatility. But now, tiles are considered the master of the trade. So, it’s no surprise why natural wood style is a rage among the home buyers, owners, and renovators. Many manufacturers can easily mimic the largest wood flooring trends in the latest color and patterns, depending on your home’s overall design theme.

The wooden matt finish offers an earthy ambiance and royal look to the room. Give a vintage touch to any space with rosewood, maple, art wood, oak, etc. The classic wood patterns on the tiles set it apart from the other tile variant. Furthermore, it can make your home look warm, expensive, and elegant. It is another biggest trend that will stay in for decades.

Concrete Look Tile

Apart from natural stone flooring, Concrete style tiles are the most modern type of tiles available in the market. The contemporary design and shade of grey bring a modern look to your home. If you’re into a high decibel lifestyle, you must adopt this trend. While people are considering warm and rustic looks in 2021, there is still scope for cold and detached styles.

A concrete look tile will offer an amazing touch to your apartment. When choosing which concrete tile to look for, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by its wide range of options. So, consult your supplier to guide you through the process.

making your floor look like an exclusive artwork. –Do not forget to include the marvelous designs of terrazzo tiles in your listed potential selection. When it comes to decorating interiors, this terrazzo option will provide you with remarkable variety. There are a lot of options, so don’t be surprised if you take some time choosing among all shades, shapes, and sizes.


As you see, there are a lot of options for tiles in varied shapes, colors, styles, and patterns. Different, unique ideas and trends come every year to improvise the look and style of modern homes, but sticking with the one that fits your personality and expresses it in the best way is worth the investment.

So, this New Year, just let your imagination soar and start planning to re-decorate your home’s interior with the right kind of tile flooring.