What are the differences between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

SEO is the method through which the traffic of a website is increased so that it gets enlarged. This process performed by several online SEO agencies and SEO services in Coimbatore comprises of some guidelines and tricks. Based on this SEO has two main divisions – Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

In the case of the former, the optimization is done a legal and ethical manner. For the latter, the method is carried out in a more informal and unruly way. Here you will come across the various differences between the two:


The very first difference is based on their concentration points. Black Hat SEO designs the page only to live up to a better rank in the search result. Aggressive sort of tactics and tricks are used to focus on only getting higher rank and not on the interest of the user.

At the same time, White Hat SEO is one which optimizes keeping in mind the comfort of the users which might at times stand against the search engine. White Hat SEO follows all the major rules and regulations whatsoever which means, unlike Black Hat SEO this one don’t opt for any sort of manipulations.


The second major difference can be found within the content of websites. White Hat SEO always comes up with a page properly designed with original and comprehendible content. The sites remain well researched, well-formatted and free of grammatical errors.

Also are provided with Meta tags, anchor texts, relevant text, images and titles, references, etc. On the other hand, we have Black Hat SEO in which the content is scrapped and copied. They remain full of invisible text, installed virus, etc. They’re void of any relevant reference or images or titles or page divisions. Sometimes they design their pages with various badware only to rank up high in search results.


Placing keywords are one of the most important section of this procedure, and there is quite a distinction between these two types of SEO. Black Hat SEO tend to over-saturate their page with the keyword. They technically spam their pages with keywords that are they opt for Keyword stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing means repeating a keyword over and over again, unnecessarily. Also, they insert irrelevant keywords into their site just for the ranking. White Hat SEO chooses on designing their page with proper long-tailed or short keywords only where it fits appropriately. And also they use the keywords for a stipulated number of times. 


Backlinks or internal links are said as redirections. Here too, you can witness a prominent difference. White Hat SEO fill up their websites by placing relevant internal links which will redirect a user to a relatable page or link. Backlinks in White Hat SEO don’t come up with any suspicious redirections or avoid keeping any hidden internal links.

Black Hat SEO load their website with broken links, unrelated internal links, sneaky backlinks, unreliable redirections, etc. They also unnecessary cloaking, meaning they tend to redirect a user to other pages as well as links without any useful or important reason.


Last but not least comes the difference in consequences. On the one hand, where Black Hat SEO emerge victorious in temporary and quick wins and fail in succeeding on the long run, White Hat SEO is definitely slow in displaying commendable results but is a more permanent option. Hence while the former is good for short term benefits, the latter is best for long terms goals. 


From the above differences, it can be advised to all website holders and designers to always decide on White Hat SEO instead of Black Hat SEO for the enjoying desirable results for a lifetime.

Joe Calvin
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