What are the differences between Perfection Silk Top REMY Human Hair Wigs, and Perfection REMY Human Hair Wigs?

If you know hair, and like getting weaves and extensions to enhance your look, you’ve heard about Perfection REMY Human Hair Wigs, as well as Perfection Silk Top REMY Human Hair Wigs. However, for those who don’t, let us begin with this –

What is Remy Human Hair?

REMY hair is some of the top quality in human hair wigs. The reason for this is that when a wig is made of this hair, the hair follicles are maintained, unlike other options in the market. The preservation of the hair cuticles in a single direction is a sure-shot way to get the most natural-looking hair extensions or weaves.

REMY human hair wigs are some of the most popular at this point in time and are known for their exceptional value for cost and quality.

Why REMY Human Hair Wigs?

REMY human hair wigs are made with hair collected in a manner that leaves the hair aligned in their natural direction – that is, the direction they grew in. This is the secret to the natural feel and looks of weaves, which looks so close to the real thing, it could be mistaken for it easily. Big brands make sure to use only 100% REMY human hair to make their wigs, and sort them carefully and assemble them in order to maintain their quality.

Non-REMY human hair wigs, on the other hand, miss the mark when it comes to cuticle preservation and keeping the hair pointing a certain direction, and this is why non-REMY human hair wigs are more prone to matting, shedding, and tangles. While initially, this hair may seem somehow softer than the REMY human hair wigs, a few washes should be enough to rid it of the silicon coating that it is processed with. This leaves the hair brittle and rough to the touch and look.

The Difference between Perfection REMY Human Hair Wigs and Perfection Silk Top REMY Human Hair Wigs

The main point of difference between human hair wigs and silk top wigs is the manner in which the hair is knotted into it.

A ‘silk top’ is often also known as a silk base. This innovative move in the industry has caused ripples with far-reaching effects. It has transformed the way that lace wigs are viewed. The base of a silk top is made using two special lace silk pieces, one which is used on the top, and another on the bottom. The hair tied to these human hair wigs are put in place through a mechanism called reverse ventilation, meaning that the hair is tied to the silk from the bottom. The biggest advantage of the silk top is that this allows the human hair wig to look as natural as possible, with the knots being hidden in the bottom part of the lace.

Human hair wigs are also made of real hair, so the look and feels are not compromised. The hair follicles are also carefully preserved in the REMY human hair wigs, but the difference comes up with respect to the knotting pattern of the hair. These knots are more visible to the naked eye as compared to the silk top.

When looked at objectively, the topic warrants two distinct questions –
1. Are the knots easy to spot?

The answer to this question is that while the knots on the Perfection REMY Human Hair Wigs are visible, it is virtually impossible to tell. Only on close concentration can one tell that a wig has been worn.

However, with the Perfection Silk Top REMY Human Hair Wigs, the knots are difficult to spot, if at all. The silk top comes with two layers of silk laid one on top of the other, and the knots are easily hidden away under the silk.

2. Is it easy to spot the transition onto lace?

The answer to this question is that while the Perfection REMY Human Hair Wigs are made to be installed, again and again, they lack a certain masking quality. These wigs rely on the lighter lace to cover their scalp and blend with the color of their natural skin.

However, Perfection Silk Top Remy Human Hair Wigs are the best at hiding the line where they blend into the scalp as the silk underneath comes in specific skin tones to match with the natural tones of the user. These silks are unnoticeable and blend out with the REMY hair, and look as natural as the hair on your head right now.

Another major difference between the REMY human hair wigs and the silk top is that while the Perfection REMY Human Hair Wigs need a lot of care and needs to be styled in order to be worn. The Perfection Silk Top REMY Human Hair Wig comes pre-processed and does not require to be washed and styled as often.

Things to Remember

While it is easy to forget to care for your human hair wigs and silk tops, it is not advisable to leave them uncared for. A human hair wig requires long hours of gentle care and washing, especially if you style it often and use products on it. Using intense conditioning and heat treatments on your REMY human hair wigs will cause it to lose shine, and become dull and lifeless fast.

These Perfection products are fantastic because they use REMY human hair, and can last up to a year!

Another precautionary rule to make is to not tweak your wigs and silk tops unless you have the experience to back you. For the most perfect and natural look, go for professional help, or learn how to deal with human hair wigs in order to care for them properly. Your human hair wigs deserve as much care and affection as your natural hair, if not more since it is not naturally grown and does not get affected by your nutritional intake.

Here’s hoping this article helped you and motivated you to check out the Perfection REMY Human Hair Wigs, and Perfection Silk Top REMY Human Hair Wigs!