What Are Your PDF Document Security Needs And Preferences?

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PDFs can be used to format anything. Therefore the security measures you take will depend on the intended purpose of the PDF itself.

* What kind of content does your PDF contain? Protection.

Does the editing your PDF documents have any personal information? Important work drafts? Technical and financial information? In all cases, you need to consider what needs to be protected and what is not.

* Who is the PDF file intended for? Control.

To create a document with PDF, you probably already have an idea of ​​who the file is being sent to. However, ask yourself who this file is not intended for as this will determine what other security measures you may need to take.

* Will the PDF you created be used for online viewing? Accessibility.

If your document is approved for public or private view, consider how you want that viewer to use your file. Do you want any information edited? Printed? You can set details of how much user access to the document is available.

Deciding on the answers to these questions will help you to determine what kind of security your PDFs need. Once you have made this decision, consider using it using the secure features of the secure Sonic PDF Creator to create your own PDF documents.

Reena works for Investintech.com Inc., an engineer and publisher of powerful PDF building software products, including Able2Extract and Sonic PDF Creator.

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