What Happens During Laser Tattoo Removal?

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Are you hoping to learn more about laser tattoo removal? If you’re interested in getting a tattoo removed, you’ll want to learn more about this process to make sure it’s the right one for you. 

Getting a tattoo removed is a big deal. Learn more about this process with our guide where we cover the basics so that you can know what to expect. 

The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

Typically, the laser tattoo removal process will being with a free consultation. A laser specialist will measure your tattoo while also examining the ink used to figure out the best way to proceed with the removal process. Before beginning the process, the specialist will clean and ice the tattoo to numb it. 

Each removal session is short and typically lasts under five minutes. In most cases, the specialist will keep the area numbed during the process using tools like a Zimmerman machine. You will then be given instructions for the aftercare of the treated area after each removal session. 

In most cases, you will need to attend sessions every 8 weeks. It typically takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks for the tattoo to be completely removed. The laser works to break the ink down into tiny particles that the body begins to remove through the immune system. 

The sessions are separated by 8 weeks because this is the optimal amount of time for the body to break the ink down before working to laser the next layer. 

What to Expect 

A common concern that comes with those considering tattoo removal is whether or not the process will be painful. Everyone’s pain levels and experiences with the process are different, from some feeling a slight irritation to others feeling a shocking sensation. However, it’s important to remember that each laser session is very brief, meaning whatever sensation you feel will be over very quickly. 

If the process becomes too painful you can ask your technician for a break to space the process out. Some experience a sensation called frosting during the process which happens when the skin reacts to the laser. However, it tends to dissipate within just a few short minutes. 

Additionally, you will likely be sent home with instructions on how to reduce pain between sessions.

Another aspect of tattoo removal that people tend to question is the cost. Often, the laser tattoo removal cost can be paid for in full or by session. Sessions tend to cost anywhere between $60 to $400 based on the size of the tattoo. 

To learn more about your tattoo removal options, have a look at this website. 

Consider Laser Tattoo Removal Today

Are you sick of an old tattoo? It may be time to consider laser tattoo removal. This process occurs in short sessions with plenty of recovery time in between. 

Don’t settle for thinking your tattoo needs to be permanent. Consider tattoo removal options so that you can feel better about your appearance. 

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