What is a social trading network?

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What is a social trading platform provider  platforms are like Facebook and LinkedIn. However social trading is more than the mere networking and friendship. Social trading networks also allow users trading tips and recommendations, and even trading concepts and even signals.

Social trading is an innovation which has grown exponentially over the last five years. When discussing social trading the name eToro should not be ignored. eToro was among the first brokers to offer social trading who pioneered the concept.

With the help of large institutional investors eToro can now be an international brand for its social trading platforms. There are numerous advantages for traders and clients who wish to invest their money.

In contrast to investing through an investment manager, social trading offers a lot of transparency. Therefore, for the largest part, the transparency of social trading is in the forefront, and is among the reasons it is now an important trend.

A social trading platform simply connects investors and novice traders to place their funds into a professional’s trading account. The trades are automatically replicated and investors are able to pick the kind of trader they wish to invest their money in.

Benefits of using social trading networks

There are numerous benefits for traders of all levels. For beginners, they can join a trading social network and transfer their money to the most successful trader. An experienced trader however, can share their trading performance and gain new clients or customers. With a large pool of investors and traders that is a win for everyone.

Others are able to join to other traders and exchange ideas for trading and suggestions, and connect with other traders. They can also build their networks according to their needs.

Since the beginning of eToro the social trading platforms have grown and have led to the development of a myriad of new concepts for trading.

Apart from brokers such as eToro and social trading platforms like MyFxbook as well as FxJunction are among the most well-known companies in the world of social trading. These sites function as intermediaries, connecting experienced traders with potential clients who are looking to invest.

The most common thread in these studies is the fact that successful fund managers are able to sign up having at minimum three months worth of trading experience. The more more extensive the trading history is, the better your chances.

Social trading platforms calculates the profitability of traders and awards them a score.

This allows potential investors pick the best Forex signal providers fund manager by their level of risk and of course the return.

The evolution of this social platform resulted in the development of portals to manage funds too. One good example is Darwinex which lets traders link their trading history with the platform.

Through providing statistical information prospective customers are able to select and select which broker they would like to invest their money with. It also displays advanced information on trading and statistical statistics.

How to get the best out of a social trading network?

For both aspiring and experienced traders alike Joining the social trading networks could be the first step to establish you as an investment fund, or the money management professional. It is possible to begin by opening a brand new account, or find the right social trading platform that lets you connect to your existing trading account.

Generally 3 months worth of history in trading is the minimum however, it is advantageous to are able to provide at the least one year’s history in trading that will help to establish credibility for your trading stats.

Successful traders earn profits by having other traders or investors place their funds into your account. In this way, you could make additional money. Websites like Zulutrade exist for quite a while as well as many others which have grown since then.

For investors seeking to make money, a social trading site is a great choice. One reason is that you don’t need to invest an in the amount of $100,000. You can begin by investing as little as $500 or more in order to earn huge gains. You also have the additional assurance of transparency when it comes to social networking investing.

This is different from the PAMM forex account in which there is the risk of losing your money , and there isn’t much transparency. Additionally, commissions can be more expensive with PAMM funds.

As the social trading websites continue to develop and grow, you will find fees charged to fund managers are lower than an PAMM. Also, you have the choice to decide how much funds are allocated to an expert in trading.

This lets investors diversify their risk among various money management firms or traders on the social media networks.

In conclusion, the history of social trading is one notable for its expansion over time. The fact that, these days forex brokers are including features to facilitate social trading is testimony to this reality.

If you’re a fund manager, aspiring trader, or investor the social trading network will definitely change the game.

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