What is an Identity Governance Solution?

An identity is a digital representation of an individual, to make a unique record of all the attributes which are required. We can then observe the identity to give users the correct and appropriate resources across the organization to allow them to accomplish their job. The Identity Governance and Administration(IGA) Solution works for managing users’ identities. 

An application must be able to do some things before the application can be considered as an Identity Governance solution. The things we can expect from the Identity Governance solution were discussed below:

Identity Lifecycle

IGA should manage the identity lifecycle process from the on-boarding process to increase securities and to make the accounts book again for termination of employment.

IGA allows all the organization to stay in compliance with regulatory mandates and reduce the burden on the members in IT who would be required to do all the action manually.

Access review

An organization can verify that the current people have the current access at the right time with the allowance of this application. This becomes essential for the organization to ensure that the company resources are always secure. 

Self-service and access request

Allows users to request access to applications they need to complete their jobs. This process works automatically and alleviates the manual tasks of granting access to users and while granting access there will be no more human errors.


With the help of the user’s role, we can create or remove the resources across your organization. Identity governance and administration solution the organization to automatically create or remove an account.


Manages all the fine access to applications. This allows your organization to manage applications down to the user, admin, moderator, etc. roles. These tools help to grant, delete, and alter access to applications and devices across the organization based upon the needs of the user in an organization.


Delegation is the capability of delegating specific requests, approve and manage all kinds of access to another person or department.

Reporting or logging

IGA should give the ability to access information about permission that was granted or canceled, and request access for resources through the logs. 

These solutions should also help to analyze and pull relevant data. Reporting and logging are crucial to confirm many compliance mandates. For example, during a SOX audit, auditors will look and want to know if all the internal controls are there in their correct place for access to sensitive data. 

You will always be provided with reporting tools for knowledge about who has access to which application by a good IGA, you will also be able to know why they have access and when they will get removed from that access.

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