What to Look for When Buying Your Teen’s First School Laptop

Technology is something that affects all aspects of life nowadays. From entertainment to productivity, health and security – technology plays a role. This is especially evident for parents who have watched the times shift away from the traditional pencil and paper to the age of laptops. Kids aren’t just using their laptops at home to do their work, but taking them to class and using them there. 

If you’ve decided it’s time to purchase your teen’s first school laptop. the choices can be overwhelming. Here we’ll break down the most important features and tools to look for to ensure they get what they need.

The Laptop Needs to Be Lightweight

While this may not be a factor if you were to buy a laptop for yourself, think about the fact your child will be taking it to and from school. Even carrying it around the house from room to room means it needs to be portable and lightweight. You’ll want to pick a model that will easily fit in their backpack or school bag, isn’t heavy, and is thin. 

A 14” screen is usually a great size for students. It will be big enough for them to work on, yet compact enough to carry.

What’s the Battery Life?

Think about how your teen will be using the laptop. Will they use it for long periods at a time? If so, you need to be mindful of the battery life. This is a category that laptops have seen lots of improvements in over the years as today’s batteries are much more powerful and longer-lasting. If your teen’s needs surpass what the batteries offer, you can always get a high-capacity power bank as an accessory. This allows them to charge their device without having to plug it in.

How About the Storage Space?

The question of storage space is a bit of a grey area as everyone’s needs will be different. It will be based on what kind of work/studies they will use the laptop for, and the software or applications they plan on loading. 

Typically, school laptops come with 256GB of storage, which is decent but not great. Cloud storage can take away these issues, but it’s not always an option. If possible, look into the 512GB models as this should be more than enough to meet their needs.

Your Budget Will Be a Factor

Despite all the bells and whistles, the budget still likely plays a role in your purchase decision. The good news is that there are always fabulous deals to be found so there’s no reason to spend more than what you are comfortable with. These laptops at Lenovo.com are a good option for students. If there is a particular model you have been eyeing, try waiting for a sale or promotion so that you can save yourself some money.

Investing in a laptop for your teen means you’re helping them to be productive when it comes to school. The world is quickly moving towards a more digital landscape and long gone are the days of just a pencil and paper in the classroom.

Joe Calvin
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