What You Need To Know About Disney Vacation Resale

Covid-19 has had us all at home a lot, itching to get away for a bit. You might be considering where to go for your next vacation. Who can blame you?! If you are thinking about taking the children, or even yourself, on a well-deserved vacation to Disney World, consider DVC.

In this article, I’ll share with you everything you need to know about DVC, what it is and how does it work.

Let’s get started!

#1:  DVC Resale Listings

DVC, which stands for Disney Vacation Club is a membership that you can purchase either from Disney World, or at resale. However, buying resale will save you a lot of money. The membership gives you access to stay in all of the 15 resort properties available at Disney.

Buying into the DVC market is an excellent opportunity, especially for those who like to vacation. At DVC Resale Experts, you can find a place to purchase easily and without any hassle. They make it really simple for you. Here, you can find DVC resale listings for you to choose from.

#2:  How Do DVC Points Work?

The way Disney Vacation Club points work is, by purchasing a real estate interest in one of the many condominiums at a Disney Vacation Club resort, you also are buying vacation points. These points are used to book your vacation accommodations. Here a few things to know about these points:

  1. The amount of points you use will depend on the time of year that you are travelling.
  2. The amount of days you are going to stay there will determine how many points you use.
  3. You can choose to buy a “home resort” and book up to 11 months in advance.
  4. You can use your points at Disney Vacation Club properties and book up to 7 months in advance.

It’s really up to you how and when you use your DVC points.

Sometimes, if you own a listing in DVC, and you are not able to use those points before they expire, you can rent them out. For people who are not able to or are not interested in buying a DVC membership, renting the points can be a great deal for them.

#3:  Things To Know Before Buying a DVC Listing

You might be thinking at this point that purchasing DVC resale can be simple. Before making your decision, make sure to have all this information:

  • What is the purchase price?
  • Where is the contract?
  • Are there any annual fees?
  • Is the contract the right size?
  • How many points are available currently?
  • When does the contract expire?

If you do decide to purchase a DVC resale listing, make sure not to settle for anything you don’t absolutely love.


So, if you find yourself looking to purchase a Disney Vacation Club membership, be sure to have all of the above information. Ask yourself all these questions and see if the membership is right for you. And when you are ready, make your purchase and start vacationing!

Written by Ester K. She is writing content about SEO for Deepak Shukla. You’ll find me playing with my dog Gizmo in between copious cups of coffee and even the odd donut or three :).