10 common sports injuries 

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Anyone who plays sports knows that injuries are entirely too common, despite the protective gear and precautions. Sometimes, preventing these sports injuries is beyond our control; however, common injuries due to overuse and fatigue of muscles are preventable. Injuries on the sports field range from mild to severe. The mild ones can be treated at home with the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation), while others need imaging investigations like x ray in Lahore and proper treatment from a healthcare provider.

1.     Runner’s knee

Knees are prone to injuries in all types of sports. The commonest injury in knees is the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament—also known as ACL tear. This ligament holds the knee and the leg bone together. Impact from the side, or sudden cuts and stops can tear this ligament. A ‘pop’ sound is often heard when the ligament tears off completely. ACL tears are serious injuries that need immediate medical attention and may require surgical treatment for complete healing.

2.     Achilles Tendinitis

Overuse of the ankle can lead to major inflammation and pain—called Achilles tendinitis. Stretching and strengthening the calf muscles are helpful in preventing the injury from occurring in the first place. If incurred, conservative methods like elevation, icing, compression and use of anti-inflammatory medication are helpful.

3.     Concussion

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the cause behind concussion. It is a result of direct hit to the head, and is common in sports like football. Symptoms of concussion include: vomiting, nausea, memory loss, loss of consciousness and headache. If incurred, a thorough neurological exam is needed.

4.     Shin splints

Pain brought on by running, in the front of the lower legs is referred to as shin splints. Shin splints are a consequence of inflammation of the muscles and tendons in the lower leg, commonly seen in basketball players and runners. This is an acute injury that goes away on resting.

5.     Groin strain

Sports like soccer, baseball, hockey and football need side-to-side motions which may pull the muscles of the groin. Groin pulls need icing and lots of rest. In case of swelling, they must be checkout out by a healthcare provider.

6.     Pulled muscle

Without proper warm up and warm down, muscles are at risk of getting pulled. The most commonly injured muscles include hamstrings and calves. Movements such as hurdling, or falling forwards causes over-stretching injuries to the hamstrings. Complete healing of these muscle groups can take six months to a year, and there is high risk of re-injury. This is why proper stretching must be done before playing.

7.     Fractures

Contact sports means the joints and bones bear the brunt of head-on collisions and falls. Common fractures in sports are those of legs, arms, and feet. The risk of these injuries can be reduced by wearing protective gear and padding, along with practicing good techniques. Fractures are not only painful, but take weeks of immobilization and healing

8.     Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow refers to lateral tendinitis due to repetitive use of elbow, as seen in tennis. Tennis elbow leads to pain on the outer side of the elbow, particularly with increased activity. If given enough rest, tennis elbow can heal on its own.

9.     Lower back pain

The spinal column sees stress in almost every type of bone. With jarring impact, there is additional stress on the spinal column with acute injury, leading to disc damage and inflammation. Warm ups, good diet, regular low-impact exercises are helpful in preventing lower back pain.

10. Shoulder injury

Shoulder injuries are one of the commonest in contact sports due to the instability of the ball-and-socket joint. Like most sports injuries, shoulder injuries like separated should and dislocated shoulder need imaging diagnostics available at x ray in Karachi. Thereafter, the healthcare provider treats these injuries with reduction, slinging, and physical therapy.

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