Why Choose Solar Street Lights?

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Which is the very first thing that comes to your mind whenever you hear about Solar Street Lights?

Let me guess?

What are solar street lights and why use them?

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Solar street lights have gained very huge popularity in the last few years. Everyone wants to have energy sources that are not cost-effective but are also reliable at the same time. The introduction of the solar street lights not only has reduced the electrical bills to a greater extent but also has saved everyone from those clutter of wires as well. The best thing about these street light options is that they are independent of electricity as well. The solar LED street lights ensure users have seamless lighting options throughout the night without any issues.

As solar panels are becoming more and more affordable they can be easily used in replacement of your old street lights. One can easily find out a huge range of cost-effective, brand-new solar-powered street lights.

If you still have some queries in your mind and are eager to know why the majority of people have started opting for this option, then this guide is surely going to provide an absolute solution for the same. We will discuss here some of the main reasons that will help you in knowing why these lights have gained huge popularity in the last few years.

Low Maintenance

The best thing about solar street lights is that they require very little or no maintenance. One doesn’t need to look forward to the technical interventions after the installation of the solar street lights. Solar street lights are long-term investments that require very low or no maintenance. Just pay the cost once and forget about all the things. No need for replacements, no scheduled maintenance, nothing is required further. The only thing you have to work out is the selection of the best solar street lights. Just make sure that you are choosing good, reliable, and certified solar products that can ensure long-lasting results.

Environment Harvesting

Solar power has emerged as one of the cleanest and eco-friendly sources of energy. Solar street lights are designed to work naturally and don’t emit any harmful gases and even don’t cause any pollution. If you are currently willing to do something amazing to save the mother earth and are willing to take some conscious steps for preventing the massive effects of global warming, solar street lights are an option that is going to provide you the best results only. The solar street light is not only safe to use but also helps you in maintaining the air quality as well. It is a renewable source of energy that ensures users have long-lasting results without causing any effect on the environment.

Better Business Option For Companies

Solar-powered street lights have emerged as a greater business option for the companies. If you are willing to make a long-term investment for street lighting in your company, the solar panel is an option we would recommend you to have on. It will not only help you in reducing the pollution level but is also quite efficient in reducing the business energy costs to a greater extent.

Effective in Emergencies

Solar street lights work great in terrible emergencies as well. Whether your location just has faced cloudburst issues or has met some other kind of natural disaster, solar street lights work efficiently without having any issues. Solar street lights are designed to be quite different from the traditional electrical grid lights and work efficiently in extreme and difficult conditions as well.

Renewable Form of Energy

The best thing about solar street lights is that they work on renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is a never-ending source of energy that doesn’t need to be mined or is neither going to be exhausted soon or later. Solar-powered light is an option we must activate to work on completely. You can start up your lead just by installing a suitable solar street light solution today.

Buying guide for Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights can be used as the best source for illuminating private and governmental residential areas. If you’re also planning to get a perfect solar street light option, just have a look at the factors you need to consider while finalizing your decision.

Type of solar street lights

The very first thing you need to consider in the league is the type of solar street lights. The all-in-one solar street lights are compact options and include solar panels, charge controller, battery, and LED integrated into a single unit. These lights often work on the motion sensors that get switched on during evening hours and get switched on during morning hours. These lights are designed to work automatically with 20% brightness. Whereas if we talk about the integrated solar street lights they include solar panels as a separate unit whereas the battery a the luminary is being integrated into one unit. These lights don’t use any motion sensors.

Area to be illuminated

The next thing you need to be considered is an area to be illuminated while buying a perfect solar street light. Where you are using it in urban areas or are going to use it in rural areas, whether you have to use the solar street lights for decorative purposes or have to use them for safety reasons, one needs to install the solar street light in such a way that it could provide you absolute results always. The solar street lights need to be fixed in such a way that they could cover a larger surface area.

Light Source and Light Efficiency

The majority of the traditional street lights use high-intensity discharge lights whereas if we talk about solar street lights, it works using LEDs or CFLs whichever is preferable. These are durable sources of light that ensure efficient light for hours.

Power sources

Solar street lights capture and collect the sun’s energy by photovoltaic cells. The solar energy thus captured is being converted into electricity and is further being stored in the battery for later usage. So, just make sure to battery combination before heading towards the purchase of solar street lights


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