10 Web Designing Techniques and Their Importance for Content

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Having a web designing isn’t enough to come up with leads. As of now, there are 1.88 billion websites today competing with each other. How are you going to survive the competition?

This is not to scare you, but to enlighten you! Yes, there is a way to win if you possess remarkable website techniques. Mark my words when I speak,

Your website actually says a lot about the visitor

Website designing is a part of the marketing process through which you enlighten your customers about your products or services. You are essentially educating them about the whys and hows of your product. However, what if I say that you have only 8 seconds to make an impression?

Let me elaborate on the top 10 website designing techniques you must wield if you want to win the game!

  1. Be simple with your website design

Saturated colors can look good, but not all the time. To captivate a visitor, you might have a tendency to use as many decorative images and colors as possible. This can only harm your website by driving away visitors.

The psychology is simple. You do not wish to harm people’s eyes!

Also, you may not want to have too many clickable elements on the page. This can only leave visitors confused. A clean and tidy interface is what you should aim for.

  1. Awesome landing page leads to an effective website design

A good landing page is underrated. Without a landing page, your visitors can land on some random link on your effective website design. You have some values associated with your brand which you want to broadcast.

The best way to convey your message is through a landing page. Your vision and mission statement should be highlighted in bold. If you are running an e-commerce website, your landing page will contain special discounts to motivate visitors to shop more.

You can definitely use your own creativity to create a landing page that converts visitors into a customer!

  1. Usability

A visitor visits your website and clicks on the “sign up” button. It does not work. You are doomed! Usability is ensuring that all clickable items are actually clickable.

Each and every link must function the way it is designed to. There is nothing more shameful than a visitor leaving your website just because a link does not work properly. This way, your website ranking falls to the bottom, and your purpose gets defeated.

Usability and functionality must be ensured for an effective website design.

  1. Intuitive and understandable

Your website should be easily understandable by a common man. Simple sentences or phrases will do the trick. There should not be too many elements on the page to keep users thinking. A confused visitor is more likely to leave your website.

The purpose of your website should be clearly communicated in a lucid manner. Even a science website has easy-to-digest information on the landing pages. More curious visitors can choose to click on links with complex topics.

  1. Call to Action

How does a visitor generate revenue? The visitor first converts into a lead. The lead then generates revenues.

For a visitor to convert, you need to have a Call to Action (CTA) in proper places. For this, it is important to have a clean interface so that your CTA is visible.

There can be one or more CTA depending on what you want them to do. Unnecessarily more CTA can jeopardize your website.

  1. Create pathways

Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to create some neural-like networks! It would help if you created simple pathways that can direct user attention.

Through CTA and various important links with important combinations, the user will naturally stay on your website. The longer your user stays on the website, the better your website ranking will be.

A simple analogy you can think of is trying to hold a girl’s attention by showing the best of yourself!

  1. Whitespace is more important than you think

You have always been told to fill up the empty space. However, for a website, it doesn’t work that way. You will need to embrace whitespace! Whitespace is a key component to help your content pop out. It looks elegant and beautiful.

Keep a balance of whitespace and colorspace. Most website designers want to fill up the whitespace. However, in some cases, you may choose to fill up the whitespace with a suitable background that only enhances the value of your site.

  1. Content is king

Even if your website is top-notch, your visitor can turn away if your content does not offer a solution. People are browsing the internet either for entertainment or for getting a problem solved. If your content does not serve the purpose, then all the efforts of creating the best web design are futile.

First, focus on the content, then on aesthetics.

  1. Responsive on all devices

This is a part where most of the new web designers fail. The page should load up fast. Your website should be optimized for viewing on mainly desktop, mobile, and tablets. Too many unnecessary elements on your webpage will only slow down the loading time.

The ideal loading time should be around 2-4 seconds. Elements like chat-box and social sharing icons may reduce the loading speed. Ensure that the landing page is free from all clutters so as to make a good first impression.

  1. Trial testing often

It is vital to keep track of the health of your website by choosing a good domain from GoDaddy access. Also, whatever changes you make to your website, it is always advisable to view your website from a visitor’s point. This way, you can self-examine. Also, your friends and relatives can give you honest opinions about how they feel when they click on your website. Website design is a continuous process.

I am sure this article will help you to equip yourself with top website designing techniques. Also, you can get help from the best web design agency in India.

What are you waiting for? Start crushing it!


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