10 Ways to Designing An Event Brochure

Are you excited about the upcoming event? Congratulations! You are an event manager now. What’s there to do anything more? Who is an event manager without any potential to bring all eyeballs to the mind-blowing event you are going to organize next Saturday!

Let me tell you a secret. From a movie poster, you try to get an idea of how a movie would be. You then go for a trailer. Don’t you think an event should have a good poster and a trailer? This is what exactly I am going to talk about today- Event brochure design

Let me guide you through 10 tips for designing an event brochure

1. The front cover of your event pamphlet should be a killer!

Forget about all the efforts that you put in if your front cover is not up to the mark. As already said, the front cover will serve as a movie poster. Believe me, guys, this is no rocket science! You have tons of tools available to create a killer cover. The tools have beautiful built-in templates to act as a base for your front cover.

Also, use killer color combos. Black with yellow for jazz events is a treat to the eyes. Do not over-saturate with colors and text. Keep text for the next pages of the event pamphlet.

Do not forget to take care of the fonts!

2. Logo is your symbol that spreads far and wide

Who says the logo is only for businesses? An obvious example to learn from is the Olympics games logo. What a logo does is make your event immortal. People remember by symbols, and you need to offer them memories. A logo is very simple and easy to use. People will notice them even before they see anything else on the cover of your event brochure design!

Where to put the logo?

I always prefer it placing in the top left corner of the cover page of event brochure. With this, you can grab a lot of attention.

3. These four things will complete your cover page

Date, location, Time & Contact are vital for your cover page. Every onlooker of that event brochure design must be able to contact you if interested. A poor cover page will miss one of these elements creating only confusion. Confusion will drive away even interested parties. You can also embed an actual map of your location at the back of the brochure! An advanced way to impress an audience is to add QR codes. Yes, we are getting technologically literate!

4. Your previous events should serve as a backdrop

Imagine yourself as a potential new visitor looking at an event brochure for the first time. You will definitely want to know how successful have the events been. Most importantly, you will need to find out that if the event is worth the money! Step into the shoes of a visitor and design frames that highlight past events by showcasing successful photographs and photographs of people enjoying the event.

For stand-up comedies, you can add snapshots of people laughing their hearts out. Further, never miss out on specifying the number of the latest edition of your event brochure!

5. Introduce your speakers and comedians in your event brochure design

If you are arranging a conference, motivational seminar, or a stand-up comedy event, people will come only when the personalities are worth their time. Just like you design your LinkedIn profile, be sure to design their introductions in such a way so as to captivate the potential visitors.

Provide short bibliographical descriptions of your speakers and convey how they can be advantageous or useful to the audience. Also, make them aware of free books or some rewards they are offering to attend their events.

6. Mention sponsors

Sponsors pay to get their ads placed. Make sure to provide a section for all those sponsoring. How can this benefit you? Sponsors from top companies will actually serve as your advertisement. This way, your audience can relate to the top brands and companies and make sure to attend your event.

7. High-quality images

We are visual beings—our brains process in images. Just like a computer understands 1 and 0, our brains understand images. Enough with the science, let’s come to design. Besides, always ensure to opt for the highest quality pictures as is needed. Avoid stock photos and do not clutter with images. Overusing images can jeopardize your designs. Also, use a limited number of fonts. Keep your signature fonts intact.

Without images, your event pamphlet is a dull piece of paper!

8. Timetable is important

Prepare a section for timetable highlighting which events will take place at a particular time. Mentioning time for multiple events can do wonders for people who are attending a single event out of many. For instance, there can be a stand-up with a motivational seminar. Some may not attend either of the two. This can help the audience filter their priority lists easily.

9. Mention fees and conditions of participation vividly

If the fee is reasonable, you can quote the fees on your cover page. However, it is vital to mention the fee in the first few pages of the event brochure. Also, there might be some conditions for participation on godaddy domain finder. All are worth mentioning.

You can also attract visitors by specifying the time limits with which they can avail of great benefits, for example, reduced fees. Words like,

Grab this opportunity…

Apply today before it…

These lines intrigue the buyers by creating a sense of urgency.

10. Call to Action

The last thing to think about is your CTA. Even catchy fonts and high-quality imageries are not enough to captivate people. You are not designing an album. You are designing an invitation. The audience might get curious to know more about the event.

What you need to do is to add CTA like,

  • Register online
  • Could you email us?
  • Call us
  • Scan QR to register and pay
  • Adding CTA is one of the best marketing tactics.

Final thought!

If you need help with event brochure designing, you can contact the best Brochure Design Company in Mumbai.

What are you waiting for? Crush it!

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