2 steps to create a Responsive Web Design

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I guess many people have read some articles about Responsive Web Design agency of Atlanta, right? But if you still feel difficult Or don’t know where to start? In this article, I’m going to summarize the key steps. Let’s come to read easily. It can be said that if you read to understand. and then proceed with the following steps. Make sure you can do it.

Why Responsive Web Design?

Before you start, have you ever? When entering a website on a PC, the results show up looking beautiful and easy to use, but when opening that website On a mobile phone, it’s quite difficult to use. As the text and images are smaller, the buttons are so small that they are difficult to press. Plus there are ads or something that is full of clutter

But before, we will solve this problem by creating another version of the website in this version, It is designed to be easier to use on devices with smaller screens. including cutting content unnecessary Left only the part that the user really wants to use, but this method has disadvantages. There is an additional cost And it also takes more time to develop.

Responsive Best Web Designers In North Atlanta is another option. To develop a website that is gaining popularity at the moment. With the aim of “making it as user-friendly as possible”, Responsive Web Design has the advantage of using a single source code, saving time and money. but can adjust the display to suit various devices unbelievable

The question is, why can Responsive Web Design do that?

The simple answer is that Responsive Web Design is the application of many techniques together. if alone It may not do much. But when it came together in front to create something new called Responsive Web Design. Okay, now that everyone probably knows more about Responsive Web Design, now let’s get into it. I will summarize the process of making Responsive Web Design into points. Try to understand it gradually and follow it.

1. Simple design

If thinking about doing Responsive Web Design, the first thing to consider is a Website design to be as simple as possible. what can be cut or not necessary Don’t include Flash or Effects (such as Parallax, etc.), and keep your HTML as clean as possible. Write only the necessary HTML elements, and style sheets avoid inline use. In this step, we need to understand the business or the management as well. Many people just know that Responsive Atlanta Web Developers  will make the website look good on various devices, but don’t know its limitations. So expect it to be able to do that. like this, We have to agree with them first. explain to him Tell them that this part can be done. I can’t do this part. Whatever it is, go wherever.

Once the agreement is complete Let us list all the contents. That we intend to put into our website. At this point, we still don’t have to worry about it. that the content of this section On which devices do you want it to display after all content is listed? Let us write the title of those content on Post-it paper.

2. Always start with the smallest screen first

Well, now we know that We have to keep the design as simple as possible. Then we also have a list of all content. that want to be put into our website. In the next step, let us start designing for the smallest screen first ( Mobile-First ). This step is very important. because it is considered the foundation of our website The difficulty of this step is that people tend to get addicted to PC design, so I don’t recommend starting out with PC design first because it will make it more difficult for us to code. And there is a chance that there will be more code duplication as well.

The simple technique of this step is to let us forget the PC at all, ignore it. Then turn to focus on the small screen. The width is about 300px. Think about it. At this small screen, how should we design the User Interface to make the User easier to use? Don’t include anything that is not really necessary, such as advertisements, etc. This process is quite difficult and very challenging. Let us design meticulously as much as possible.

I suggest a simple design help. Let us draw a rectangular frame on a piece of paper that is approximately the width of the iPhone4(5×7.5 cm). Now let us try to bring the post-it paper that we have prepared. Let’s try to place it on that frame. And try to imagine yourself as a user who has never been to this site before. The positioning of this content will we understand Is it easy to use? Let us adjust until satisfied. details in this step I have already explained it in detail in the article “ Let ‘s learn to use Wireframe ”.


Once we have sketched the look of the website on a small screen, let’s start writing HTML. At this stage, we don’t have to turn to look at the image that we have outlined. But let us think about what content it contains. that we will put on the screen Let us write it in HTML.

Once we have the HTML, let’s try to preview it. We will see the content that we have written. Let us see the sequence and the importance Are it reasonable? If not, let us adjust first. At this stage, do not forget to take into account  Sectioning content and  Document Outlines.