2021 Ultimate Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen cabinets define your kitchen’s look and feel. While 2020 has brought about some of the most timeless kitchens one could ask for, 2021 has something new. This year, kitchen cabinet trends emphasize what goes into the cabinetry. 

From warm-tone timber to the year’s various color trends, 2021 kitchen cabinet trends are getting popular. There is no better way to start the year than through a kitchen renovation project.

If you’re spicing up your kitchen for a change, take a look at these kitchen cabinet ideas. These 2021 trends would amp up your kitchen cabinetry.

1. Colors Matter

Using calming colors for kitchen cabinets could help create a peaceful environment. Moreover, neutral hues are perfect for a fresh look and feel that still have some character.

Additionally, if your backsplash has a neutral hue, a pop of color can give your kitchen some vibrance. This 2021, the trendiest shades are blues and greens.

2. Open Shelving

Kitchen cabinets that have open shelving have been a big trend in 2020. They are easily accessible, and they help you save space, especially if you have a small kitchen. Moreover, they are perfect for displaying decorative items, cookware, and tableware. If you have an industrial-style kitchen, open shelves are the way to go.

For an added creative touch, a simple hack is to use a curtain to cover them. You can use cafe curtains or your own chosen fabric. Measure it according to your shelves’ measurements and hang the curtain using a rod.

3. Be Consistent

Does your kitchen merge into your living room, dining room, or home office? If so, you can still create consistency through your design. To do this, paint your cabinets using the same color and use the same knobs. This method will create flow and consistency throughout your space.

Also, you can match the colors of the cabinet to the colors in your background. Color matching will maintain consistency in your chosen kitchen theme.

4. Make It Flow

To have a good kitchen flow, you can install cabinets that have space above them. You can use the extra space to display decor and will help make your kitchen look and feel less crowded.

5. Pay Attention to the Details

Some people are not fond of all-wood cabinets. Wood accents are an excellent way to incorporate wood into your kitchen theme. These are perfect for kitchens with neutral hues.

If you do not want to use wood, you can use glass cabinets instead. It helps you display dainty tableware and make your kitchen feel more spacious.

6. Mix and Match

Mixing and matching is a timeless way to redecorate your kitchen. Here are some kitchen cabinet ideas you can consider. These ideas are perfect if you do not want to change your kitchen completely.

  • Match the cabinets with your appliances

Buy cabinets matching appliances’ colors if they do not consist of stainless steel. The result will give your kitchen a modern vibe.

  • Swap out cabinet knobs

Here is an idea if you are on a budget and are not ready for a complete kitchen renovation. Swap out your cabinet knobs to match your kitchen. If you want an elegant yet contemporary feel, white cabinets with gold knobs are perfect. Besides, you can also replace rectangular knobs with round knobs for a better fit. 

  • Go handle-free

Another mix-and-match idea is to go handle-free on your cabinets for a modern vibe. You can also use handle-free cabinets if you want a minimalist approach. 

Final Thoughts

Kitchen cabinets can make or break your whole kitchen theme. It does not only help with storage but could also help add personality to your kitchen. With these 2021 kitchen cabinet trends, you are a step away from your dream kitchen.