3 Aftermarket Parts for Your Dirt Bike That You Need This Year

Now that summer is practically here, you’re probably eager to get your dirt bike out of storage and back onto the road. Before getting started, consider whether it’s time to make any aftermarket upgrades to your machine.

There are lots of aftermarket parts out there, and selecting the right ones can amplify your experience greatly. For example, many riders swear by the following upgrades:


Factory clutches leave a lot to be desired, which is why this is often the first part replaced after purchasing a new dirt bike. A new and improved clutch will prevent slippage and ensure a smoother, safer ride.


New exhausts are available in a wide range of types and price points, which means it’s easy to find something for every rider and budget. Installing a new aftermarket exhaust can improve the speed of your bike, while also making it sound very intimidating.


Finding the right sprocket for your bike usually depends on how you ride. For example, if you travel at high speeds you want something light, such as aluminum. If you frequently go off-roading, steel is a better selection since it’s more durable and longer lasting than aluminum.

Why Dirtbike Kill Switches Are Useful

Of course, there are plenty of other updates you can make to your bike outside the above list. Adding dirt bike kill switches is highly beneficial. A kill switch allows you to turn off the dirt bike with the flip of a switch without removing your hands from the handlebars. That’s because the kill switch is conveniently located in proximity to your hand, which means you can flip it easily when finished riding.

The kill switch allows you to retain full control over your dirt bike when powering it down. However, it should never be engaged when the bike is in motion, only after you’ve come to a complete stop, and you’re finished riding.

How To Make Your Dirt Bike Suspension Softer

You can also upgrade motocross suspension kits for improved function. You can actually alter the feel of the suspension system to better accommodate your needs. Some riders prefer a customized suspension to suit their size and weight. Alterations can also make for a more comfortable ride.

Adjusting the suspension clickers is the way to go, in this case. Turning the screw on the compression adjuster will make the damping softer or harder. Turning the screw clockwise makes it harder, which is ideal for slower riding. Turning the screw counterclockwise makes the damper softer, which is ideal when you want to reach high speeds.

After making an adjustment, do a few practice laps to get a feel for the new suspension. Also, try to make small, gradual changes, so you can accurately gauge the difference in the suspension. Some riders even use torque paint to make note of the original position, so you can easily reset if the adjustment wasn’t to your liking.

Whether you’re in search of dirt bike tires or some other type of equipment, quality matters. Investing in the above items ensures a safe and enjoyable riding session, no matter your experience or ability.