3 Domains that can benefit from workflow automation

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From domains as diverse as banking and finance to law, healthcare, communications and IT, you will find multiple departments and their people managing several processes and operations, which can be categorized into simple, moderate, and reasonably complex. Several of these processes and operations are repetitive, mundane, or low-risk, which take up a lot of time and effort of the employees in charge of handling them.

By automating some of these processes and operations, companies can cut down costs, boost productivity, and enhance their customer experience. Workflow automation doesn’t always need you to be tech-savvy. With no-code solutions offered by Checkbox you can automate your workflows from end-to-end easily and quickly, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. For Additional Info: https://checkbox.ai/solutions/no-code-app-development/ for more details.  

Let’s take a look at three domains that can benefit from a no-code workflow automation solution like Checkbox.

  1. Finance and Taxation

Accountants and auditors often use inefficient ways like spread sheets, emails, phone calls, etc. to gather data and information manually to complete their tasks. Often, these tasks are repetitive where they have to generate standard forms to get them filled by their in-house departments or clients. They may also include making structured inputs into their templates or forms, sending emails, copy-pasting information from one document or system to another, etc. Handling all these manually takes a lot of time and effort, and even increases the chances of errors. With Checkbox’s no code app development accountants and auditors can improve their workflow management systems to complete their tasks faster and with more precision.

Be it faster processing of accounts receivables and payables, ensuring the inputting systems are precise, or accurate data collation between interlinked systems, automation can do all these and more. By automating the manual and repetitive tasks that are extremely prone to error with a workflow automation platform like the one offered by Checkbox, the finance and taxation industry can ensure all financial documents are up-to-date and easily accessible, and tax compliance is done the right way. If you feel an automated workflow platform will be advantageous for your company, visit https://checkbox.ai/solutions/workflow-automation/

  1. Human Resources (HR)

Ideally, HR teams should focus on people-centric work that adds value to the organization. Yet, most are busy handling routine and repetitive administrative tasks that are low-value and even demotivating to some. From handling travel/leave requests, creation of applicant recruitment and screening forms, and preparation of onboarding documents to timesheet approvals, dealing with documentation access requests, and staff expense management, HR teams spend a lot of time on tasks that could be automated.

Instead of handling them manually or using inefficient methods like paper, spreadsheets, emails, etc. to capture and store data, a workflow automation system with a centralized system to store, track, and share data digitally would help. By allowing them to embrace end-to-end workflow automation, Checkbox ensures process improvements along with better HR productivity, employee experience, and standardization. Onboarding  process in the second point

  1. Procurement

Procurement teams with a traditional way of functioning face multiple challenges. Most of these problems arise due to DIY-style or spreadsheets and email-based solutions that are inefficient and cause a lot of trouble when the needed documents are not easily accessible or can’t be found. With workflow automation several aspects of procurement processes can be automated for seamless functioning and easy compliance.

If you are associated with these three domains and haven’t checked out Checkbox yet, it’s time to get started by visiting https://checkbox.ai/contact-us/ or https://checkbox.ai/solutions/workflow-automation/ to understand how Checkbox can help your business.