3 Reasons Why Conservatories Can Add Value to Your Home

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Adding value to your home is a fantastic way to build your net worth, increase the chances of a quick sale when the time comes, and gain the satisfaction of improving your property. 

Not only do certain home improvement projects add financial value to your home, but they give your home an emotional value, too. When you add value to a house, you are instilling a small part of your DNA into it. Your taste will subconsciously influence any design or construction decision you make, which creates an additional bond between you and your home.

There are several different ways to add value to your house. The option you choose will depend upon your budget, timescale, and personal requirements. 

If you have only bought the house to quickly add value and move on, then you won’t mind making changes that could affect how you use the property, and a higher budget is more feasible.

Alternatively, if you fully intend on living in your home for the foreseeable future, you will have to think more carefully about the changes you are making.

One addition which can add meaningful value to your home and appeals to people of all budgets and requirements is a conservatory. 

Here are three reasons why conservatories can add value to your home:

It Creates Additional Space

One of the most compelling reasons why a conservatory can add value to your house is that it creates a lot of additional space. 

While there are many different factors which must combine to ascertain a property’s value – the larger the square footage is, the more desirable (and therefore valuable) the house is. 

It is for this reason that so many people save up to build an extension because it creates a much larger property and gives the potential new owners more space to work with. 

Modern conservatories are a great extension alternative because it allows you to create a meaningful amount of additional space without racking up the eye-watering bills that often come with a larger-scale project.

A Conservatory Is a Feature Room

Another reason why conservatories are a fantastic way to add value to your home is that they become feature rooms.

A feature room is a room that instantly draws attention, is particularly desirable and sticks in the mind after you first lay eyes on it. Typical feature rooms include master bedroom suites and kitchens, but if your property’s other rooms lack a ‘wow’ factor, then a conservatory can help.

While there is no direct correlation between feature rooms and your property’s overall value, a conservatory can help your home stand out from the crowd and set the imaginations of potential buyers racing. 

Conservatories can also help unlock the rest of your living space. When you have more room to position furniture, you can repurpose adjoining rooms and prevent the living room from working too hard to fulfil different roles.

They Save the Next Owners the Hassle of Building One

While conservatories are far cheaper and simpler to build than other forms of house extensions, they are still a significant project which takes time and money to complete. 

The next owners of the property may not have the stomach to undertake such a project, and instead, opt for a house that already has a conservatory. By building it yourself, you save the next owners the hassle of doing it themselves. 


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