4 Biggest Home Cleaning Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Cleaning a house can be a challenge, mainly if you’ve stayed there for a long time without doing it. However, a clean house is all homeowners’ dream as it allows them to stay in a safe and comfortable space.

No matter how challenging it is to clean a house, you still have to do it. Fortunately, these challenges have solutions that you can work on alone or with a cleaning company. For instance, I was happy to find this company that offers rubbish removal services at affordable rates.

Whether you’re cleaning your home alone or hiring professionals to do it, there are some things you have to overcome. Here’s a list of the biggest challenges you’ll likely face:

  1. Stains

Stains are a common occurrence at home, and they offer one of the biggest challenges when cleaning. If you have pets or children, you’ve probably experienced stains on furniture, walls, and the floor. However, even without children or pets, you’ll still find coloured stains on the bathroom and kitchen countertops. The stains are difficult to remove and need special attention when dealing with them.

Here’s how you can clean stains: 

  • Use bleaching agents to scrub white surfaces such as tiles, floors, sinks, and toilet seats to remove any form of stubborn stains. 
  • Clean surfaces regularly with clean water to prevent the formation of stains due to dust build-up or dirty water.
  • Use a soft brush with detergents to clean furniture and furniture covers to remove the stains without damaging the materials.

Even the most stubborn stains will always come out if you clean thoroughly enough, so that shouldn’t beat you.

  1. Clutter In Your Home

Dealing with clutter is a stressful situation, and sometimes, people choose not to deal with it and only clean the essential places. Even though clutter presents a significant challenge in your home, you’ll have to deal with it at one point. Moreover, decluttering your home ensures that you live in a spacious home.

If you put your mind and time into decluttering your home, it’s not going to be a big challenge. These are some of the ways you can overcome clutter:

  • Hire a professional cleaning company to come and declutter your home instead of dealing with the clutter all by yourself. A professional company will do an excellent job, and you won’t have to strain a muscle. 
  • Donate things such as clothes and furniture that you don’t need as keeping them means you have to clean them, which is a challenge.
  • Only buy things that you need to use. Also, you should consider buying things that can be reused or recycled to avoid getting clutter in your home. If you need one-time use items in your home, then consider borrowing or hiring.

With a decluttered home, cleaning becomes easy as you have all the space to move around and clean. Also, you’ll have a few items to tidy up.

  1. Clogged Drainage Pipes

One of the major causes of an untidy home is clogged drainage pipes. If wastewater doesn’t drain appropriately from sinks, toilets, and flow traps, then it becomes challenging to clean your home. Clogged pipes can also be a health hazard as they can cause infections.

To overcome the challenge of clogged drainage pipes, here’s what you can do:

  • Hire professional plumbers to inspect and repair pipes at your home to reduce cases of clogging. 
  • Have a trash bin where you can empty solid waste so they don’t end up in the pipes, causing clogging.
  • Use chemicals once every six months to dissolve oils and other debris on the pipe to prevent clogging.

By having functioning drainage pipes, cleaning your home will be stress-free as you won’t have to worry about dealing with wastewater and risks of infections every time you clean. 

  1. Lack Of Will To Clean 

Before you clean your home, you first need to get the willpower to do so, or else, you’ll procrastinate it. Lack of will and psych to clean your house is one major challenge you should overcome. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Make a schedule where you get to clean your home thoroughly instead of trying to work without a plan. 
  • Clean in batches where you do small tasks regularly instead of big tasks at once. 
  • Hire a cleaning company to clean on your behalf.

If your body is willing and able to clean, then nothing can stop you. 


While you may want a clean home, there’s always a challenge achieving it such as lack of will to clean, stains, clogged pipes, and clutter, which can make you postpone cleaning for a long time. However, all of these have a solution, and you can overcome them and ensure you live in a clean house.