4 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Bollards

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Those who are not familiar with what bollards are can stay gain more knowledge about it here. These are used to define or block off an area, guide traffic, or promote safety in a business or residential setting. Bollards are available in a range of styles, including detachable, ornamental, fixed, and more, as well as a variety of materials and patterns. Additionally, unique, ornamental, and crash-rated one are that meet testing criteria will cost extra.

Now comes the part of asking certain vital questions before buying bollards. Finally, these are some of the unavoidable questions you should be asking before buying bollards. Read on to know further.

1. What Crash Ratings Do I Need for Bollards?

Bollards are classified according to the severity of car crashes. The crash rating of a bollard may vary from low-speed crashes to high-speed vehicle collisions. The capacity of a bollard to withstand car contact is determined by its crash rating. The higher the ASTM or K-rating your bollard has, the larger the security risk your property presents and the stronger the required safety barrier. Determine which one grade will be suitable for your home.

Therefore, determining the bollard crash rating you’ll require is critical to determine what sort of collision is most probable for your site. Low-speed incidents, for example, are more likely to cause damage to drive-throughs and banks, while high-speed collisions are more likely to cause damage to properties along a major highway. In regard to this, an experienced vendor will never hesitate to help you examine your choices and pick the best bollards as per your demands and budget.

2. Are Permanent Bollards Available In Multiple Styles?

If you’re going to put bollards in a permanent place, you’ll generally want to go for permanent ones rather than detachable ones. You should have knowledge that permanent ones are available in a wide range of mounting options (flange, direct embed, base plate), head design styles (flat, dome, Bishop, Kitchener), materials (steel, aluminium, stainless steel), and decorative bollard kinds, as well as a selection of colours and finishes.

3. Is There a Difference Between Bollards?

This question is to be asked as bollards come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of advantages. Read on further to know about the types of bollards to have an overall understanding.

Automatic bollards: Electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic bollards are available for individuals permitted to be in the area blocked by bollards to get simple entry.

Removable bollards: When you require a temporary barrier, these bollards are totally removable and simple to carry.

Bollards with lights: Bollards with lights improve security by providing increased visibility along the blockaded area.

Architectural bollards: Architectural bollards contribute to the landscape by adding sophistication and safety to your protected area.

4. Do Bollards Need to Be Maintained?

Bollards may need cleaning or repainting regularly, depending on their material and level of exposure to the weather. Protective coverings may help minimise maintenance costs and extend the life of bollards while also boosting their toughness in the case of a collision. While it provides a cost-effective, long-term protection option, the price of bollards varies depending on several criteria, including the materials used, the kind of bollard (permanent vs. detachable), the design style, and finish

When ordering bollards you can always get a personalised quotation and contact a business representative to guarantee you receive precisely what you need. For that, you will need to fill up and submit our simple online quotation request form to get started. While ordering bollards, remember that you must not forget important details like size, material, locking mechanism, location, and other related factors.

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