4 Signs That You Need Help From One of the Mold Remediation Services Camden South Carolina

You don’t necessarily have to see mold in order for it to be present in the home. It can proliferate in any area that may become moist and also happens to be out of the way. Over time, the mold will begin to spread and cause a number of health issues to develop. If you notice any of these conditions, it makes sense to call one of the mold remediation services Camden South Carolina and have the home inspected at once.

Your Nose is Unusually Stuffy

The only time you normally have a stuffy nose is during a cold. Pollen and other irritants that often trigger allergies have never been a problem for you. Something is behind the stuffiness that has developed lately. That something could be mold that’s somehow managed to get into the home’s duct system and eventually into your body. What does OG mean?

If the problem is mold, having a service get rid of it will bring about a change quickly. In a matter of days, you’ll notice that the stuffiness is gone and you can once again breathe through the nose with ease.

Coughing and Sneezing for No Reason

You’re watching television and all of a sudden begin to cough or sneeze several times. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for that happening. All you notice is a sudden ticking sensation that’s followed with a cough or a sneeze. While it eventually passes, the fact that these bouts are happening more often has you concerned.

This is another common sign of mold exposure. By having the home inspected and allowing the service to remove any mold that they find, the coughing and sneezing fits should subside quickly.

Headaches Are More Frequent and Severe

It started out with a headache that would fade after you left the house in the morning. Now it seems as if the pain continues for longer stretches. The headaches also seem to get worse in the evenings when you’re home. Even with the aid of over the counter remedies, there still seems to be some pain.

Mold can trigger headaches that seem to linger. Experts from one of the mold remediation services Camden South Carolina can inspect the home and find out if there’s mold present. If so, you should begin to feel better in the days following a compete mold remediation.

There’s a Tightness in Your Chest

The impact of mold on the respiratory system can be significant. One of the first signs is that your chest seems to feel a little tight. You can still breathe, but it does take more effort. It also seems as if you can’t breathe as deeply as you did in the past.

Once the mold is out of the house, the tightness will go away. Give if a few days and you should notice a difference. If not, it may be time to see your doctor.

There are a number of other ways that mold can adversely affect your health. If you notice any of these signs or any other ailments that seem to have no explanation, finding out if there’s mold in the house is a smart move. Once the service removes any mold that’s present, you’ll begin to feel a lot better.