5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Donate Old Books

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Do you have a book that you keep going back to? Perhaps you have an old, dog-eared copy of your favorite book in your house right now–a copy that you’ve read over and over throughout the years.

Go find that book on your bookshelf and look around it. Odds are good that you don’t like all of those other books quite as much. Good news: you can donate old books that are taking up your much-needed shelf space!

Some literature lovers balk at the idea of getting rid of books, but there are several good reasons to do so–especially if you have books you don’t intend to read again.

Keep reading to learn five reasons to donate books that you no longer want.

  1. Declutter Your Home

If you’re the kind of person who’s looking to donate used books, you’re probably an avid reader yourself–which means you’re buying a lot of books. Donating books is an easy way to free up shelf space for new purchases.

In addition to giving you more room, decluttering can improve your mood–cluttered spaces can increase anxiety. A clean shelf looks nice, is more useful, and makes you feel better!

  1. Make Money

You may be able to make a bit of extra money when you donate used books. It’s not a universal policy, but there are several places to donate books that will pay you for your items.

If you aren’t planning on reading the books anyway, it makes sense to make a little bit of money off them–you could even put that cash towards some newer items on your reading list!

  1. Help the Environment

This is stating the obvious, but books are made of paper–and lots of it. Think of donating books as a form of recycling; you’re keeping an extra copy in circulation, so the publisher won’t need to print a new one.

Book donations also keep the pages from ending up in a landfill, where processed paper and ink can give off harmful chemicals as they break down.

  1. Pass On Beloved Stories

Donation isn’t just for books you don’t want anymore–you should also consider donating books that you love. If a book means a lot to you, it will likely mean a lot to someone else, too.

By donating a book, you’re putting in the hands of a new reader and allowing them to experience the magic of your favorite story.

  1. Brighten Someone’s Day

Is there any better gift to receive than a book? Books open up new worlds and teach us valuable lessons; that’s true regardless of the condition of the book.

By donating a beat-up old copy of a book you no longer want, you’ll be putting a smile on the face of whoever ends up reading it next.

Donate Old Books Today

Whether you’ve got treasured classics that need a new home or novels that have just been gathering dust, it’s never a bad idea to donate old books. Book donations benefit everyone–even the environment comes out ahead!

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