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Redecorating your home can be fun and enjoyable, but if you don’t know where to start out, you might find yourself lost, not knowing what to do. It can be even more tiresome if you’re doing it by yourself, without the help of anyone, and without any proper guidance. Worst case scenario, you’re left exhausted and unsatisfied with the final result. As a professional interior design agency in Dubai, we’re here to help! That’s why we’ve listed down 5 helpful interior design tips that we believe can help you get started on your DIY interior decoration journey!

  1. Keep it Simple

Windsor Smith, who has designed the houses of celebrity clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, reminds us that “less is more.” It’s a common misconception that you have to keep up with trends and complicated interior designs if you want interiors that always look and feel fresh. But it’s actually the opposite. She recommends letting go of anything that feels excessive, as these decors often make a place feel cluttered rather than well-planned. “Purge your home of anything that feels heavy – even clothing,” is her piece of advice.

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  1. Take Inspiration from Nature

Kari Whitman, the celebrity designer who has worked on the homes of Jessica Alba and Antonio Banderas, is a firm believer in incorporating nature in designing interior spaces. She mentions how memorable encounters with nature can serve as design inspirations for her work. Something as simple as finding an oyster shell at the beach can be a powerful inspiration for an interior space. It’s all about seeing the beauty in nature and using that as inspiration.

  1. Using Different Kinds of Lighting

Adam Rolston of Incorporated Architecture & Design highlights one of the main misconceptions for making a space look brighter – painting the space white. He points out that this is actually one of the most common interior design mistakes made in homes and should be avoided. A far better alternative to achieving a bright and well-lit room is to keep with the general palette of the room light and use mirrors to reflect and amplify the natural light entering the space.

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  1. Comfort Comes First

Brian Paquette, a celebrity designer based in Seattle, recommends putting comfort above everything else – even aesthetics. When designing your space, sometimes you can get stuck on getting that lovely board that you’ve always kept an eye on or that couch that you’ve dreamed of having. But if it’s not practical or functional to meet the everyday needs that the space is intended for, then it’s not worth getting. Always focus on comfort and usage – get a snug sofa instead of a fancy designer seat, or get a corkboard that you can actually use instead of something that just takes up space.

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  1. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Jeff Andrews, a designer who has worked on the homes of Kendall Jenner and Ryan Seacrest, gives a priceless tip to make any room seem more spacious. According to him, the key is to make use of statement furniture. Larger pieces of furniture that you enjoy looking at can make a space homier and more spacious. A simple and uniform color scheme also helps, especially when combined with varying textures and layers.

Follow these five simple steps, and you’re well on your way to designing the perfect interior space. Still, feel like you need help? Get in touch with a professional interior design agency in Dubai today!

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