5 Crucial Tips to Help You With Your Apartment Hunt

The apartment hunt can be an extremely stressful process. Am I picking the right place? Will I regret my decision? How do I do it right? There are a lot of questions you’re probably asking yourself. 

There are loads to consider when you’re searching for an apartment, and this guide will help you with your hunt.

Here are 5 crucial tips to help your apartment hunt!

1. Create a List of Wants and Your Budget

Before you begin your apartment search make a realistic list for yourself. Start off with what your budget is so that you can narrow down a range of what you can afford. If you’re unsure what you can afford, use an affordability calculator. 

Next, you should make a list of things you want in an apartment. Whether you will be looking at bachelor, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom. Whether you will are looking for an apartment, townhouse, or detached home. You will also want to include the areas you’re interested in.

2. Research the Areas You’re Interested In

Once you’ve compiled your list, take a look at the areas you’re interested in renting. Check to see the proximity to your work or school, the nearest grocery stores, and amenities that are important. Also take a look at the nearest firehouses, police stations, and hospitals for easy access to emergency services.

One of the best apartment hunting tips is looking at the neighborhood safety and crime rates in the area so that you’re moving into a safe community. You can even call police stations or neighborhood watch communities for their take on areas you might be unsure of. 

You may also take the time to speak with neighbors in the area so their personal opinions. 

3. Check The Landlord’s References

Another big one is doing the research on your landlord or rental company before signing any agreements. Ask them for current tenant references, and look them up online. The worst thing you can do is be stuck with a really bad landlord for a 12 month contracted term.

Also, research the building’s reviews. Most places will have Google reviews online where you can take a look at what people wrote. You may also want to look up their bedbug score online as buildings have to register whether they’ve been positive.

Most people won’t think to do this step but it’s definitely a crucial one in your apartment hunt. 

4. Get All Your Paperwork In Order

As your apartment hunt narrows down to a few options, it’s time to prepare the documents you will need to sign your lease agreement. Being prepare ahead of time means that you will be able to jump on the place you want quicker and make the process more seamless.

You’ll want to get your most recent paycheck as you will need proof of income, direct withdrawal info, previous addresses, as well as two references. You can fill and print paycheck stub templates online, as well as print off your direct withdrawal information. 

Some landlord may also require a police/background check 

5. Get Everything In Writing

Anything the landlord tells you or promises you make sure you get it in writing from them. Often times landlords may promise and never deliver, but if you get them to send it in an email and send it to you, you can hold them accountable for their promises.

Ask them to email you everything they’ve told you, and even follow up with them with an email summarizing what they’re talked about with you. Don’t rely on verbal promises in these instances.

An Easy Apartment Hunt

Armed with these crucial steps you’re well on your way to an exciting new chapter in your life! Don’t forget to follow the above tips so that your apartment hunt will be much easier and stress-free.

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