What is the UK Government doing to improve its economy?

The UK Government is working hard on making sure their economy gets through the pandemic, unscathed. Some of the changes that they started executing is opening the economy in small ways. The beginning of August was their first, major test.

While the markets began opening-up, they began pushing for smaller businesses to start opening up as well, smaller restaurants, pubs and even cafes were encouraged to open. They were hoping that these changes would encourage the people who were indoors since the beginning of the pandemic, to want to come out and visit these places, assisting the economy in small ways, hoping this would improve the economy.

They had created and implemented new rules for people who were leaving their abode, to keep them safe. The Government mandated wearing masks, maintaining social distance from one another, keeping their distance, using sanitisers as often as possible.

However, the beginning of the month did not see enough done by the people to assist. There were many reasons including that the Government had not done enough during the first wave, so people were not willing to take any chances. Although most would be safe, people did not want to leave their homes unless it was needed since they had seen a large number of people falling sick in the UK.

Statistically speaking, with the changes made, it’s a reasonable bet that something will go wrong any time. Looking at countries that followed a similar model, like Germany, there is a high risk of a second outbreak, at some point, in the coming months. Furthermore, crisis management in German is a lot better than in Britain.

Unfortunately, if they do not open the economy, it is on course for its highest one-year contraction in 300 years, with the poor and young being the worst affected groups financially.

These unfortunate circumstances have taken place since the youngest part of the workforce does not have enough experience to get through while the older sections, might not be able to adapt to the changes that are taking place across companies.

The patterns and the way companies worked are changing. There are some trends that companies would not have thought of, like working online is now becoming the norm, which is difficult for companies to keep up. Firstly, not all companies can work remotely, businesses in the

hospitality sector or construction might have to do more of their work in person while there might be small aspects of their work they can handle remotely. Employers are not getting the opportunity to meet a lot of the people they are working with.

They only get to coordinate with them over phone or video call, and this is one of the main reason why they have started handling background checks. The most popular one is the CRB check, which is a basic check that only goes through the background of the person, making sure they do not have a criminal record.

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