5 Effective Ideas for Mailer Boxes

We live in a time where the product packaging is not only a carrier for the box, but it is a whole vibe. A well-thought-out design of a mailer box can take your brand image from zero to infinity. The reason behind this importance is because the customer pays for the product, but they also pay for the experience. While unboxing process customer wants to feel that they are up for something special and that will positively impact them.
If your product box fails to provide that experience, then there are chances that customers won’t feel attracted to the box, let alone the product. You have to come up with an appealing design that brings attention to the product without screaming for it. Hire a professional designer who can design the display and design of the box according to your brand’s requirements. Boxes and packaging are vital for any product, but with the exponential rise in E-Commerce, the boxes hold more importance in the market. Mailer boxes are a whole vibe and give the product a luxurious feel.
Now let’s discuss some great ideas to make your mailer boxes look more special.

  • Kraft Mailer Boxes:

The most important thing for a mailer box is the material used to manufacture it. The material matters because no matter how good of a design you have, you won’t be able to present it on the wrong box. There are numerous materials available in the market that you can choose from, but kraft boxes come at the top.
There are quite a few reasons, but let’s talk about two of the main reasons. Number one is that this material is eco-friendly, and can decompose itself after it has served its purpose. Number two is that they are flexible and easy to customize. This means that you can design kraft boxes more efficiently. The best part about this box is that it is given a smoother surface from in and out which makes it easy for the printing company.

  • Use Inserts:

Using inserts inside the mailer box will give an extra layer of protection to the product, and is used to keep the product in one place. Using inserts is not a choice but a must if you deal in fragile products such as perfumes or other fragile products. Even if your store deals in the product that can’t be broken easily, it is better to use inserts because they will enhance the experience even more.
Ensure that you use the inserts of the right size because if the inserts are too big for the product, it can cause breakage. Provide your product to the inserts manufacturing company so that they can get the dimensions right.

  • Printed Stickers:

Printing stickers on your mailer boxes is a great idea to buy customer’s loyalty. Remember that loyal customer can help your business reach new heights. We are not talking about ordinary stickers that we attach to the fridge or on notebooks. We are talking about authentic stickers.
For example, if you deal in medicines or CBD products, then you will need to get your product approved by FDA to sell on E-Commerce markets because this is a gated category. Print a sticker “Approved by FDA” to make your customer feel safe, and this sticker will boost your sales because the customers like the product when it is approved by higher authorities.

  • Printing Inside and Outside of The Box:

Not many brands use this technique because some brands still think that the box is only used to pack their product and keep the product safe. Printing outside as well as inside of the box will help you gain regular customers because they will be attracted to the uniqueness of the box design.

  • Right Color Combination:

This is important for any box design because the box will only look appealing if the color combination is right. Selecting the colors is totally up to you and what your brand is all about.
If there is one box color that can go with any product, then it has to be black mailer boxes, and giving little details of gold or silver can present your product as a luxurious one. Add a piece of silk cloth around the product to enhance the unboxing experience.