5 Important Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

Every job out there has its risks when it comes to accidents, but construction work is at the top for potential accidents. In 2018 alone, there were 5,250 worker deaths on construction sites. It’s important to know what to do in the event of an accident.

Since construction work is a physically and manually laborious job its no surprise that construction accidents happen as frequently as they do. If you were involved in a construction accident, keep reading for 5 important steps you should be taking.

1. Assess the Situation

Once the accident has happened, make sure to assess yourself and the situation. Take the time to recollect every detail of the accident as it will be important when it comes to compensation.

Take pictures of the incident if you’re able, and determine if an ambulance needs to be called to take care of any injuries. If you’ve hit your head, it’s important to contact an ambulance so that they can take you to the hospital for an assessment.

If there are witnesses, make sure to collect their statements and their info for your indicent report and case. Note who was on the site with you and who saw what had happened. 

2. Report to Supervisor

The second step should be reporting to your supervisor that a construction incident has occurred. This is important as your supervisor will be able to begin the process for the next step in our list.

Detail to your supervisor what has happened and who was present. They will need to take down your statement to be able to file a formal report.

3. File Incident Report

Once your supervisor has taken your statement and witnesses that saw the accident, they will file an incident report. This incident report is a formal recording of the accident and will be used for your compensation assessment, and if there is a court case. 

You will have the opportunity the read over the incident report so that it captures all the details of the construction accident. You will also be able to make corrections and amendments before it’s submitted.

4. Get Medical Assessment

If you need an ambulance for your accident make sure you have copies of the medical statements and doctor notes that you were given at the hospital. You should also visit your family doctor to assess your injuries if you require any rehabilitation or additional support.

This is important for your compensation hearing so that you are able to get the financial help that you need to support yourself during this time. 

5. Contact A Construction Accident Lawyer

Finally, you should look into contacting a construction accident lawyer. Once your accident gets into the compensation phase, a good accident lawyer will make sure to fight for every penny that you should have for your injuries and accident. 

It’s not recommended to go at this alone, since the company that you’re seeking. compensation from will be seasoned lawyers who will likely take advantage of your inexperience. It’s best to seek legal advice on how to proceed in these instances.

Construction Accident Know-How

Will these 5 steps, you should be able to navigate the aftermath of a construction accident a lot more smoothly and successfully. If you ever come across questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to your HR department and an accident lawyer to make sure you’re on the right path.

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