5 Most lucrative careers with a Business Degree

You have a business degree, knowledge in core subjects like marketing, management, human resources, accounting, multiple managements- you’re basically the jack of all trades. Congratulation to you but you’re confused. Why because there are just so many working paths for you and you can’t seem to understand what is the best option? Your compulsion and predilection to investigate and understand has brought you here

The answers to these aforementioned question lie in the fact that the field of business continues to expand every single day with so many career-oriented options because you are an amazing and valuable asset for an entire establishment, which means stop getting confused, do the smart work by realizing your rightful compassion rather than working hard at things you don’t even understand.

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Interestingly enough, having a qualified business administrator on board is what every industrial corporation wants massively these days. Lucky you!

This feature is totally simple, telling you about the right options, the most attractive careers with your business degree fulfilling your ambitions, nothing more and nothing less. So, let’s get straight to the point. London School of Economics is providing many business-related online courses including MBA essentials, Managerial Finance and more. TakeThisCourse has aggregated all LSE Online Courses to review and get the best one.

In reality, career success is all about careers that combine satisfactory generation of funds, earning with comfort, and the kind of long-term security, you desire. These here, are exactly worth the pain and hardwork you endured through your academic period and that’s why you must know, what choices you can make in order to measure progress, make informed decisions and plan for the future

1. Advertising or Marketing Manager

All over the world, astounding demands for marketing or advertising mangers has skyrocketed due to presence of many multinational setups and entrepreneurs. This field continues to grow undeniably each day providing you an extraordinary job security, with limitless opportunities because you progress every single day.  As per your job description as an advertising Manager, you direct, any organization advertising activities concerning electronic and printing media, develop creative ideas and work to introduce brand-specific ad campaigns.

In this indicated uniquely positioned career, to influence public perception and heighten brand awareness, you supervise, establish project goals, monitor, record, analyze, coordinate, approve, and evaluate a project’s status and come up with ideas which can create optimistic impact. Potential earnings in this sector are largely boundless with much less hardwork and if you are creative don’t think tirelessly and acquire your dream job.

Social media is vital and has taken over the world which means that as a social media manage you merely have to utilize your savvy skills and knowledge of marketing communications to coordinate as per the demand of your employer on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr which greatly enhances business activity, establish brand identity, and highly beneficial because through minimal efforts you gain maximum outcomes in this modern world of social media.

Career as an advertising manager can be an exciting, fulfilling one as it stays in tune with current marketing and cultural trends, can be challenging and invigorating in today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world but not for you because these skills are naturally embedded in you!

2. Production Manager

Coming next is the career of a production manager, as per the category, you supervise the daily operations of manufacturing and general industrial facilities in any organization. You are incharge for different sorts of establishments as far as production or manufacturing is concerned, be it appliances or gadgets, you take the lead.

You take part in process improvements to enhance production quality and capacity, investigate production issues and develop resolutions, determining equipment, material and manpower requirements for project execution and developing project budget and maintain expenses within the budget is your forte because as a business major you have it all.

The hidden secret of this prospect lies in the fact that even in an era where robotic automation is leading to reduced general workforce demand, higher-level supervisory, management and executive human roles will always play a part in the industry which is ironic as well. So, if you think it’s good for your always calculating mind, give yourself the chance to explore.

3. Administrative Services Manager

In this section which follow, the importance of an administrative responsibility; to implications of selection, training, and promotion of executives and supervision of routine based operations of the administrative department.

As per your career you gain the power to hire, train, and evaluate your junior employees and have the power to take corrective measures when you think it’s necessary.

The biggest advantage of selecting your career as an administrative manager, having a business degree is more of dream come true because universal value of your career in the indicated field of  modern business is remarkable these days, with an exclusive salary deal as well. 

 Without exception, the need for this competent field of provision and management, in order to function massively for any organization is required extensively. 

Necessarily, you ensure all the actions taken, from general procedures to specific and complex course of actions, keeping the business moving in the right direction.  If you are interested in working in a college environment, you should undoubtedly, consider a post at the admission cell as an option.

4. Human Resource Specialist

Another exciting career prospect is coming your way. As you already know that every establishment wants to attract, interact, motivate, and co-operate with potential buyers, and that’s what you accomplish by directing the administrative functions of human resources departments.

Supervise the department’s specialists and support staff and make sure that tasks are completed accurately, involving overseeing of employee relations, securing regulatory compliance, administering employee-related services such as payroll, training, and benefits that’s merely what is required.

This Online MBA Human Resources Management Degree leads you towards the most extraordinary career in HR. As an HR specialist, it is mandatory for you to oversee all recruitments, deployments and general career advancement opportunities across the entire organization.

Fortunately enough, this prospect is also not coming slow because these days,  if you are an HR manager you gain perks of being a wallflower that means, your degree has made you skilled on such a critical level that you know all the right answers at your first glance because your success is your talent!

5.Business Teacher

Last but not least, if you love teaching and on top of that you are a business major, how about educating high-school students about the business world?

You must think why not! Offcourse, you can and as a career, your worth is beyond your expectation because you already been taught in a business environment, exactly understand the value of your business teachers.

 Another exciting option because this field is never ending, ever-expanding. You prepare students for a vast variety of international businesses and opportunities. Your forte is to educate your successors to focus on past, present, and modern day economics hailing from different grade levels. You focus on economics, the basic understanding of the world financial economy, marketing, advertising, or accounting.

Your knowledge is considered essential, transferring curriculums, demands of consumers, educating students about the fast past business environment merged with your personal experiences, makes this prospect a fun workspace for you alongwith the respect for lifetime! An exciting career as a business teacher awaits you.


You compromise on quality or your capabilities by taking a wrong step or selecting a wrong career orientation which is why considering these top 5 careers and holds your horses.

TakeThisCourse dot net helps its users to get best free online university courses with certificate of completion from well-renowned universities from all over the world. Most importantly, you should consider your interest and realize your potential, your set of skills, align the ratios of success with a healthy workspace, diminish the negativity and follow your heart!

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