5 Next Steps To Take if You Have a Construction Injury

A construction accident is every worker’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s a recurring nightmare.

On average, two American construction workers die of work-related injuries every day. Dozens more get injured, mainly from falling or getting struck by objects.

Even a minor construction injury can cost you hundreds of dollars. You need to know what to do after a construction accident.

There are basic steps you can take to get the compensation you deserve. Here are five.

1. Get a Full Medical Evaluation 

You should go to a doctor after any kind of injury. A small cut can lead to an infection that can kill you.

Go to a first-aid kit to cleanse and dress your wounds. But head to a doctor as soon as possible.

Get a complete medical evaluation from head to toe. You may have suffered internal injuries that you don’t feel yet. Pain in your foot may distract you from a neck injury.

Include a psychological evaluation. Witnessing an accident can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. You can receive compensation for your mental health, whether or not you were physically injured.

2. Contact Your Employer 

Notify your employer as soon as an accident happens. If you are well enough to contact them, you can do so. You can also ask someone else to loop them in.

Reporting as soon as possible will allow a speedy workers’ compensation claim. It will also increase the validity of your claim.

Put the report in writing and provide as many details as possible. Ask for a copy and keep it on hand.

3. Gather Information

Ask all witnesses for their contact information. Encourage them to talk to your employer and record their memories of the accident.

Take photographs of the scene and any damages that occurred. If your facility has security cameras, watch the tapes. Even minor details may prove important in a trial.

Look over your company’s construction accident avoidance tips. If there’s a gap in them, take note of it. That may reinforce a lawsuit for negligence.

4. Talk to a Lawyer

A workplace injury lawyer is well-versed in OSHA regulations and injury law. They can negotiate with your insurer to get medical compensation. They can also investigate the accident, seeing if a criminal or civil case is necessary.

Talking to a lawyer does not mean you will file a lawsuit. It is important to know what your options are. Take an opportunity for a free consultation and consider what your next steps might be.

5. Follow Through All Legal Processes

If you have grounds for a lawsuit, you should file one. Your company may continue the practices that led to your injury. This could lead to further accidents and deaths.

You do not have to do much work. Attend your hearings and take notes as they go on. If you have a suggestion for your attorney, pass a note to them.

You may not win an initial case. But you can file an appeal, especially for workers’ compensation.

Follow through on all appeals you can take. If your first attorney isn’t working, you can switch to another one.

Know What to Do After a Construction Injury

After a construction injury, many people lie on their backs and wait for the pain to go away. But you need to stand up for yourself to get the compensation you deserve.

Get a full medical evaluation, including for your mental health. Contact your employer and provide details on what happened. Reinforce those details by getting the contact information of witnesses.

Talk to a workplace injury lawyer about your next steps. File a lawsuit if you can and launch appeals if it fails.

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