5 Things That Make Java The Best Programming Language

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Java has completed 25 years in this industry and its new long-term release is also ready to be launched in the market. Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you 5 things that make Java technologies the best programming language for the latest software development.

1. Java Is Simple To Learn

All programming languages have a learning curve. However, Java technologies are very similar to JavaScript, C++, and C. Developers who have prior experience in these languages will learn Java quickly.

Furthermore, java has a very predictable and strict rule that manages code structure. This compares unambiguously with other, un-typed scripting languages where it appears as anything goes. Whenever you want to specialize in a new programming language, a simpler set of reliably impose rule makes learning easier.

In addition to this, when things stop making sense, programmers who are new to java can look for a strong network of support from youtube videos and websites and online forums like StackOverflow and code ranch to look for answers to their questions.

2. An Extensive Set of Java APIs

The Java API is very comprehensive. The standard JDK comes with more than 200 developed packages encompassing Java APIs that permit everything including translating between time zones and XML. Developers have a comprehensive library of APIs that permits the development of difficult cloud-native microservices and middle-tier apps. This happens when the developer adds Jakarta EE APIs.

However, the rich ecosystem of Java APIs spreads far beyond those authorized by oracle or provisioned via Jakarta.

For data perseverance, there is the JBoss Hibernate project. For cloud-native microservices progress in Java, there is the complete collection of Spring Boot APIs. As well as of course there is a gathering of open source Apache API schemes that talk about a wide variety of software development use cases such as:

  •         Aggregating error communications with log4j
  •         Resolving intricate difficulties with HashMaps 
  •         Fail-safe Iterators via the Apache Commons Collections API

The comprehensive set of Java APIs accessible to developers help in the creation of error-free and strong apps.

3. Java’s Tool Network

The app development landscape is occupied with software development tools written in Java language by the Java developers. It is designed to streamline and simplify the decommissioning, deployment, and development of Java apps. Some of the examples of tools written in Java encompass:

  •         Jenkins: a Java-based delivery and continuous integration tool
  •         Maven: an open-source tool aimed to resolve reliance management difficulties
  •         Gradle: an extremely influential, open-source build tool

This is a comprehensive list of Java’s tool network. Some more examples of technologies and tools written in Java encompass app servers like tomcat, Red hat’s popular, and the Kubernetes-native Java stack called Quarks.

Some of the other programming languages also have the same level of tool backup as Java. This assists to determine itself as the best programming language.

4. First-order Android Backing

Android is one of the most famous smartphone operating systems. Hence, Java is the famous programming language used for Android app development.

If you can write java code for server-side and desktop apps, you will select android very rapidly. The lesser difference between the Dalvik Android and JVM runtime will all be agreeably taken away after a transitory learning curve. The complete Android ecosystem comes to their disposal when developers learn java.

5. Accelerative Development with Backwards Compatibility

Java evolves gradually, but it does grow. With more than twenty-five years of evolution, Java has numerous evolutionary enhancements that you must be proud of.

This includes a bulletproof modularity system, which was delivered as a portion of the project jigsaw. This all added the capability of functional programming in Java along with lambda functions. In addition to this, Java implements bug transformations as per the community demands.


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