5 Things To Consider When Getting A Bread Maker


When getting any product, you need to make sure you’re getting the right tool for the job. With how often we consume bread, getting a bread maker is a smart way to make your own bread, hone your baking skills, and save some money while doing it. Of course, that’s assuming that you get the right one.

Here we have listed five things everybody should consider when buying a bread maker. By matching a bread maker to your specifications, you can find the best model for you and your intended uses. This means you get the best results and you won’t run into any problems. You may need to know a little about bread makers first, which you can find at https://makebreadathome.com/best-bread-maker-machines-guide/.

  1. How Will You Use It?

Since we’ve already touched on intended use, let’s start with that. Bread makers are for making bread, sure, but they can also be used for pizza base dough, pretzels, pretty much anything made from dough. You can even use bread makers to make your own jam by throwing fruits and sugar in there.

You should be able to get any old model that can make a loaf of bread but, if you want a specific finish or want to bake other goods inside, you should look for a more versatile model. Many recipes require delayed start times, so you’ll need to have that feature when you’re buying for versatility.

Also, consider how often you’re using it. Is it for special occasions or are you using it frequently?

     2. What Size & Shape?

Along with thinking about your intended use, you’ll also need to figure out how big your bread maker will be. It’ll be difficult to make portions if you’re baking in a machine that’s too big when you’re an individual or a small family. The sizes are typically represented in the weight of the loaf they can support, between 1 pound and 2 pounds. Naturally, larger families will need to have bread makers that can make a heavier loaf.

Also, look at the shape of the pan. This is going to influence the shape of the bread loaf once it is done. That brings us to our next consideration…

  1. Does Bread Shape Matter?

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the average bread maker won’t make your typical bread loaf. Commercial loaves are made in a very distinct shape that you don’t really get from bread makers. Bread makers also tend to leave a small hole at the bottom of the bread you make, which comes from the paddle, which ensures that the bread is baked through.

If you must have the “traditional” bread loaf shape, you’ll want to get a machine that has a horizontal pan. With some of those pans, they’ll have a sound that alerts you when you can remove the paddle, so you don’t get the hole and you get a nicely formed loaf instead.

  1. Do You Need A Timer?

Making bread isn’t a fast process, most of the time. We’d advise you to get a bread maker that has a timer built into it, so you don’t undercook or overcook the bread or anything else you’re trying to bake.

With a timer, you can leave your bread in the machine overnight and stay confident that it’ll stop when it needs to. It’s a great function for busy people who can’t stay near the bread maker all day.

However, some of the timed bread makers are going to be more expensive. If you can ditch the timer function and save some cash, maybe that’s the better option for you. Ultimately, everybody will have different preferences related to if they want a timer or not, and how sophisticated the timer is if they get one.

  1. What Bread Are You Making?

Bread makers can make bread and other goods, as we’ve covered, but maybe you want to make a specific kind of bread. If you have special requirements, or maybe just exclusive tastes, then you may need to have a bread maker with certain features.

For example, many people need to have dairy-free or gluten-free bread, so many bread makers have modes to cook those bread types properly. Some people prefer to cook their bread in an oven and just use the maker to mix and knead the dough, there should be a setting for that. You should always check out the settings available on your bread maker before you buy.

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