5 ThingsToKnowAboutProofreading

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Theproofreadingprocess has somebasicsituationsto be careful of. We can explainthese on 5 matters:

  • Spelling,
  • Run-on sentences,
  • Formality,
  • Subject/verbagreement,
  • Tryto be aware of wordsthatyoumay be overusing.


Firstly, spelling is alwaysthemostimportantthing in theproofreadingprocess. Ifyourely on SpellCheckabout it, you can be wrong. So, it’sinsufficient. BecauseSpellCheckcannotcatchthehomophonesalways. Homophonescalledforwordsthatare in differentspellingandmeanings, but in thesamepronounce. So, youhaveto be carefulmoreabout it.

Therun-on sentenceswhicharethesecondoneare as important as thespelling in theproofreadingprocess. Therearewrongandrightwaystosplicesentences – clausestogether. Therightone is using a conjunctionlike, orusing a commaandsemicolon. Thewrongway is simplifyingjamthemtogetherwithnotransitionetc.

Theotherone “formality” is about how a textshould be done. Todepend on whatyouwrite, contractions as “like, will not, well, can’t”, may (not) be appropriate. Theseareexactlysuitablefor a blogoranyunofficialtext. But, officialdocuments, are not usable.

As youreadyourwriting, youmust be aware of whetheryouhaveusedinformalities. Andalso be aware of whetheror not it’sappropriateto do so. Itdeterminestheformality of thearticle. Forexample, addressingthepersonwhoreaddirectly -you- is a kind of informalitytowatchfor.

Anotherone is subjectandverbagreement is the main ruleforreadability. It can be soeasytoidentifywhenyoureadagainyourwrite. So, it is veryessentialtoreadagainwhatyouwriteforunderstandability.

Andthe final one of 5 thingstoknowaboutproofreading is also as important as others. Overusedwordsalwayshardentheunderstandability. Besides, it spoilstheflow. Ifyou be aware of thissituation, youprobablyhave an enjoyableandattractivewrite. Bein sure usingsynonyms is alwaysthebestwayaboutthearticleeditingprocess. Inourfirm, wearecheckingallkinds of writesaccordingtothese 5 pillars.