5 Tips to Create a Restful Environment for a Good Night’s Sleep

5 Tips to Create a Restful Environment for a Good Night’s Sleep


You need to make your bedroom your sleep sanctuary -free from distraction and stress. While the right environment can boil down to your personal preference, there are some sleep tips suggested by sleep experts and are backed by science.


  1. Your bedroom should be cool and dark. The best temperature when sleeping is between 60- and 67-degrees Fahrenheit. There was a poll done by the National Sleep Foundation, and it found that 73% of Americans preferred darker rooms. 65% of them used curtains, shades, or blinds to make their rooms darker by blocking unwanted light.


  1. Your bedroom should be free from noise. 74% said quiet was important for them to get good sleep. Some of these people relied on “white noise” or other ambient sounds to mask any noises such as highway traffic and car horns. A good option is a fan, which is also going to help keep your room cool. There are many apps that you can use to get a soothing sleep cast or sleep music. A good example of such an app is Headspace. Sleep casts usually run for 45 minutes and they are going to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for sleep. Use these apps if you want to create a conducive environment for sleep.


  1. Choosing the best sleep position and bedding. It is important to have a comfortable mattress and pillows if you want to get good sleep, but whether the mattress is firm or soft is going to be up to you. Read these Sleepy’s mattress reviews. Your preferred sleep position is going to determine the pillow you choose. If you are like most people a side sleeper, then it is important to choose a pillow that is comfortable and able to support your neck, head, ears, and shoulders. People sleeping on their backs should consider thinner pillows to minimize the stress on their necks.


  1. Decluttering your bedroom. If you have a messy room, you might find yourself having a hard time falling asleep. There was a study presented at the 2015 SLEEP conference in Seattle suggesting that clutter around the room was a sign of a sleep disorder. When you walk into a room, what you see could have an effect on how easily you fall asleep. Clean up your room so you can have an easier time falling asleep.


  1. Picking the perfect pillow. You should consider pillow fill if you are suffering from allergies. There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to fills. Some of them include feathers and synthetic like foam, rayon, or latex. Choose pillows that are hypoallergenic to reduce the risks of getting congestion and sniffles at night.