5 Tips to Design Custom T Shirts for Businesses

Building a company and then working hard to turn into a brand and get recognised is a little difficult task. It requires consistent efforts and regular haregular to build a brand. One of the approaches to building a brand is branding through custom t-shirts. Here we shall discuss tips to create custom t-shirts especially for businesses.

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But first, check out our tips mentioned below-

  • Inventive Approach

Getting noticed is the main point of creating and designing custom t-shirts for a brand. This is a unique and perfect way to do business advertising and promotion of a company.

You can even create different styled custom made t-shirts online for your staff and customers who love to be a part of your brand. This idea can help you prosper and make your brand even bigger.

For branding, you can go for two types of approaches. It can be either the stylish one or clear cut one.

Stylish approach can be promoting a brand through the company’s name, URL of the website, logo of the company or motto of the company. While, on the other hand, a clear cut approach can be done by creating custom t-shirts.

You can spread the message of your business and communicate through t-shirts with potential audiences. This remarkable way can bring loads of profits and must be used by businesses.

  • Business logo

Using a business logo as the main attraction on a custom t-shirt can be a useful investment for businesses. It attracts the attention of the target audience towards your business.

A logo is a main component that helps people detect and differentiate your brand from others. Printing logo design on custom t-shirts will spread word about your brand. It is the most powerful weapon and can make your brand popular in the whole world.

You can either print it in front in the centre or left side. Printing symbols on the back is also an amazing idea. Moreover, it gives a more stylish look and catches the attention of viewers.

If you do not want to use your company’s logo on the t-shirt then go for the company motto or message. Print it in front or at the back. Either way you can showcase your brand effortlessly through custom t-shirts

  • Clean and simple

Creating a simple and clear design is better than adding all the elements at one go. Creating a crowded t-shirt with too many elements will distract people from important elements. People will not know where to focus.

On the other hand, if you create a simple design with most important components only it will be much better. Brand’s message will be easily conveyed to the audience.

Further, along with simplicity, keep in mind to create neat and cleanly designed t-shirts. Logo and other elements should be clearly visible and not blurred.

First, people will get attracted by the look and then pay attention to the information that you wish to share.

Adding important information regarding a company’s business is necessary. This will give an idea about your business to the viewers.

Motive of designing custom t-shirts should be advertisement and promotion of business simultaneously. 

  • Great font

Text is the main part that clears out all the doubts of your customers.  So, choose a font type that is easy to read and good looking at the same time. Choosing something that matches well with your brand is appreciated. It builds a sense of reliability and also is eye pleasing.

Fancy fonts that are hard to read will not be entertained by viewers.  Something simple and easy to read in just a glance is perfect.

Main things to focus on are readability and visibility. Font should be easy to read and clearly visible even from a distance.

You can choose font styles like Century Gothic, Baskervilles Old Face etc. 

  • Choose colour wisely 

Colour combinations that hurt eyes and are not pleasant to look are a disastrous choice for custom t shirts. Using such colours will not attract but definitely either away customers from your company.

You can keep in mind branding and use colours from your brand’s colour palette. This helps people feel a connection to your brand while wearing or looking at those custom t-shirts.

Colours must have a fine contrast and should be pleasing on eyes. Colours portray different notions through them. For instance, red is highly attractive and symbolizes energy, excitement and love. Next, colours like blue, black, grey show a sense of sophistication and professionalism. In the same manner, colours that you choose will affect viewers’ emotions. Therefore, target emotions that you wish to trigger and choose colours accordingly. This technique can be really helpful in building a brand and promoting it.


These points have been picked out for your assistance. Follow these points while working on your custom t-shirt designing process. Focusing on these main steps can help you create amazing custom t-shirts that fit your needs and brand your business.