5 tips to reduce your gas bill in winter

It is in winter that you consume the most energy since your heating needs increase. The following tips will help you reduce your gas bill during this season.

Changing energy consumption habits

Start by changing your lifestyle if you don’t want your consumption to exceed your budget. If you’re used to letting fat get into your burners, take a different approach when winter begins. If you like very warm homes, get used to a cool, but comfortable environment.

Maintain and choose the right gas burners

Improper maintenance of the burners can increase the amount of gas used for cooking. Indeed, they need regular degreasing and cleaning. The bill also rises when these are too large for utensils like pots, pots and pans. It is therefore important to find suitable burners to avoid waste. Adding to this, it is better to give preference to the electric kettle for boiling water.

Decrease the heating temperature

When the heating temperature drops, gas consumption also decreases. Indeed, in order to save energy, you have to ask a heating specialist in Russellville, Arkansas to install an automatic thermostat in the main room. This method is especially effective in low houses with radiators. According to the building code, the ideal temperature for bedrooms is 16 ° C to 17 ° C. For information, a reduction of 1 ° C corresponds to an energy saving of 7%.

Finding the right solutions for hot water

In winter, daily habits also include the use of hot water for bathing, washing and washing up. Indeed, this is a necessity since it is cold. This then risks increasing gas consumption. However, there are still solutions that help remedy this.

Know how to use the gas water heater

There are two types of water heaters that households use: those that only produce hot water when they are in use and those that allow it to be stored (tank, storage water heater). In any case, to save gas in winter, the heating should not exceed 55 ° C and the hot water pipes should be insulated.

Avoid wasting gas

The excessive use of hot water is also a significant factor in the rise in bills. In fact, to lower them, you need to:

  • Opt for showers instead of baths
  • Wash your hands with cold water
  • Use an economical hand shower rather than a shower head
  • Using thermostatic mixers
  • Put a pressure regulator on the taps.

Control humidity

The humidity in the house can lower the temperature in the house. Therefore, when it is too plentiful, the house needs more heating, which increases the use of gas. To remedy this, the heating specialist in Russellville, Arkansas generally advises the ventilation of all rooms or the use of controlled mechanical ventilation.

Air out the house regularly

It is especially the sweat produced by the body during sleep and breathing that promotes the formation of water particles in the chambers. So, if you get into the daily habit of opening the shutters for a few minutes, the air entering the house cools it down and keeps it damp. This then reduces the gas used. Be careful, if the shutters are left open for too long, the heat may decrease.

Opt for controlled mechanical ventilation

In some situations, controlled mechanical ventilation is required. It is a system that helps to regulate ventilation according to the humidity level. It comes in two models: water-regulated and self-adjusting. To install it, you can call on a heating specialist in Russellville, Arkansas.

Adopt the right actions in the kitchen

In addition to heating the house, gas is also used for cooking meals. In order to minimize its consumption, it is therefore important to adopt the following actions:

Cover the pans

When the pans are left without the lid, cooking takes longer and the amount of gas used increases by 3 times. Indeed, to save energy, it is always better to cover them correctly.

Check the cooking regularly

The heating engineer in Russellville, Arkansas also advises that the cooking time does not exceed normal. Indeed, once the meal is ready, it is better to extinguish the fire. For better profitability, the most suitable solution is the use of a pressure cooker or pressure cooker which reduces consumption by up to 70%.

Ask for help from a heating engineer in Russellville, Arkansas

Of course, all of these tip’s help reduce the gas bill, but the most effective is the intervention of a gas specialist in Russellville, Arkansas. He can check the system and also replace old devices.

Check the heating system

The amount of energy needed by a house depends on many parameters including its size, daily occupancy and hot water consumption. Only a professional who has mastered the standards can then carry out a preliminary study of his needs. It also has the possibility of giving advice to its occupants on the most economical models of aircraft.

Have faulty devices replaced by a heating engineer in Russellville, Arkansas

When checking the heating system, the heating engineer can detect various problems. In fact, if, for example, he notices an obsolete device, he can ask for it to be replaced. For information, a boiler over 15 years old consumes energy, because its performance decreases by 33%.