5 Warning Signs Your House Could Be Having Toxic Mold

Mold is not a pleasant thing to deal with when it is in your home. However, it is harmful to your health, and it can affect the structure of the house if it is not dealt with immediately. Many types of mold can be found in the home and depending on where you live as well. Hence, you need to know how to detect mold, where it hides, and also know when to call in a mold inspection Texas service to inspect for mold in your home. Since when mold takes residence in your home, it will affect more than just your structure but your health and that of the family members as well. Below are 5 warning signs your house could be having toxic mold.

1. The chimney smells weird

How often do you do a chimney sweep? It is important to do it often to ensure you not only remove the creosote buildup but clean out any toxic mold. Since moisture accumulates in chimneys and they are made with porous mortar and brick. When you have a rusty chimney cap, it allows snow and rain to seep in, and through this, you create a perfect environment where mold can grow. As a result, with time, your chimney starts having a funky smell. To fix this, repair the flashing and cap and have a professional do the chimney sweep to remove the mold.

2. Paint bubbling on the walls

When the paint is bubbling on the walls near a window or in your bathroom. This is a sign that you may be having toxic mold hiding there in your home. When paints start to bubble, it is mainly because of moisture. Plus, where there is moisture, chances are high that there’s mold.  So avoid covering this problem with a fresh coat of paint as you need to figure out the source of moisture and take a wall paint test first. For instance, it could be too much humidity, leaky window sill, leaky plumbing. After this test, you can then repaint or call in a professional who will scrape, patch, and clean well before putting in the first coat.

3. Irritation of the eyes and the skin

Do you feel that your eyes are stinging and watery? Is your skin always tingling? These irritations are a warning sign that you have toxic mold in your home or office. Other symptoms of these allergic reactions are nasal congestion and coughing. If you have these symptoms or similar ones. Try and find out where it happens most, and you can tell the room or space where the mold could be, and you can do a skin test to confirm what the is allergy source. When you have tingling, burning, and itching sensations on your skin.

4. Your asthma is acting up

Do you have asthma, and you are constantly getting attacks lately? It is possible the room you sleep in or your home, there is toxic mold present. This is because mold spores can find their way into your lungs and trigger your asthma attacks. Hence, not only dampness in the house accounts for asthma symptom triggers, but mold can as well. Therefore, if you find out that your asthma is growing worse, you may have undetected mold. Have experts come and inspect your house before the condition becomes worse.

5. Musty smell in your house

If your house smells musty, there is possibly mold growing. This mold poses a real health risk for you and your family members. More so, for the elderly and infants who have a compromised immune system. The symptoms after mold exposure are similar to everyone else. However, their conditions can get chronic fast, and with their bodies not being as resilient, it will complicate or interfere with the treatment.

If you do not smell the mustiness in your home. The floor could feel squishy, and this is also another warning sign, especially for wood flooring. If it’s a small amount of mold, remove it with the necessary detergents, but if it’s the whole flooring, you will need to have the whole flooring removed and have a new one installed.

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