6 Common Problems about wine’ Packaging and how to overcome this?

Wine is the symbol of celebration and therefore needs to be presented elegantly. Wine packaging boxes are adding more value to the quality of wine, and this aspect attracts customers in the wine shops or at the retail stores. They are made of corrugated cardboard to protect fragile bottles. Brands can even use double wall cardboard boxes. Customizing them in innovative shapes, colors, and sizes enhances their appeal as well as fulfilling the needs of wine brands. Brands can fully customize them using the die-cutting, embossing, gluing, and scoring options. Use of the printing technologies provides an opportunity for brands to enjoy the promotional benefits as well.

Wine is such a drink that provides a better taste along the aging process. However, brands selling them in the stores face a lot of problems while using the custom wine boxes in terms of safety and other aspects. However, it is essential to tackle those problems for a better brand reputation and customers’ buying experience. Here are 6 common problems with these boxes and the smart ways to avoid them.

Making them stand out 

For the alcohol brands, it is always a challenge to make their wine more stand out among the masses in the retail stores. Glass bottles are very fragile, and they are unable to bear any risk of getting damaged while increasing their appeal. So, all the traditional techniques become useless in the wine boxes for this purpose. Sales can go down if buyers are not paying much attention to them. So, they need to opt for such techniques that can raise their appeal without any risk to the protection of bottles. A useful tactic to do is printing the real image of the bottles over packaging. However, it is essential to consider the quality of images. Hire a professional photographer and a designer to get pixel-perfect images with high resolution. It will attract the buyers and aid to increases their standing on the shelves.

Need of Carrying Ease

A common problem with the custom printed wine boxes is the inconvenience. Wine bottles have enough weight that can put the buyers in trouble while carrying after the purchase. It becomes more challenging if they have some additional stuff in their hands. Therefore, brands need to think about this problem seriously to bring ease for them. Incorporating the handles at the top of the packaging is the best solution for this purpose. It is pretty easy for professional companies to craft these handles from the same sheet of cardboard. Test the strength of these handles prior to use the packaging commercially. It will ensure that either it can carry the required weight easily. You can also use the handles of some other material like a strong fabric. This carrying ease inspires the customers, and they prefer such brands.

Raised Costs Factor 

Usually, the costs of custom wine boxes wholesale get increased while including the different features in them. These traits are also required for a better shopping experience, so brands are unable to compromise over it. But, bearing too many costs is challenging for such brands that are low in budget. It can impact their regular business operations if they lack the budget. However, they can save their budget by opting for smart techniques. They can reduce the amount of material used in them by making them lighter. It will also reduce the shipping costs because of the less weight. Apart from it, shipping more wine bottles in a single box will also minimize the expenses. The use of custom cardboard inserts helps effectively in doing so. This factor will also increase the sales volumes as buyers will prefer buying in bulk.

Creates Pollution

Using alcohol packaging that has the excessive use of plastic creates pollution. This drink is widely used to celebrate achievements, but the impacts of plastic materials go negatively. Brands need to think about this aspect seriously. Nowadays, custom wine boxes in USA are getting manufactured mostly with cardboard material because they do not impact the environment. Cardboard is completely biodegradable and sustainable that gets decomposed easily. Sustainability is becoming a trend. Now buyers also prefer to buy their favorite drink from the brands that are following this trend. It is a kind of appreciation that buyers show toward the brands for caring about the environment. This trait ultimately leads to the increased sales volumes and higher business profit.

Risk for Physical Harms

It is a commonly occurring problem for alcohol brands. They get various claims of the cracked bottles. The basic reason behind this damage is the fragile packaging solution. These frequent claims can result in the decreased reputation of brands. It is essential to make the wine boxes resistant enough against these physical harms. Mostly these bottles get harmed during the shipping and staking. Continuously faced vibrations and the shales at the transportation means result in the breakage. They can avoid it by using sturdy material to resist these factors. A proper cushioning of the Styrofoam or the packaging peanuts also resist these harmful factors. Buyers will make purchases more confidently on getting such securely packaged wine. They would easily ship them to their picnic spots without any risk of damage.

Environmental Harms Risk

Apart from the physical harms, protecting the bear from continuous environmental changes is also essential. Usually, brands and buyers keep their purchased bear for longer durations as aging results in the increased taste. An ordinary packaging does not protect them well enough. Using the custom printed wine boxes can resist the odors of food, spices, paint, and air that could decrease the quality. The secure packaging protects them from continuing the maturation process until the opening of the bottles for any event. Direct sunlight also impacts this process as the inner temperature goes higher. The use of thick materials for this purpose can resist all such factors. Brands also need to choose a secure design that should not expose the beer bottles to these harms. Material of the increased thickness will keep the inner temperature at a moderate level to enhance their shelf life.

Hence, we can say that opting for these tactics in the custom packaging can effectively tackle these problems. It will raise the reputation of brands and will give them a competitive advantage. This edge over the rivals results in the increased sales volumes and customer base. All of these new customers will stay loyal on getting so much in the less spending.