6 Tips of American Families Living Overseas

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Planning to move with your family is stressful and can seem like an overwhelming thing in a to-do list. So when American families talk of moving abroad, it is a whole different ballgame.

From endless paperwork to language barriers and cultural differences, it is simple to lose sight of what is important and how you can prepare your children for the transition into becoming expatriates.

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No amount of research may equip you and your family for this life-transitioning experience of leaving everything behind and starting afresh.

Regardless of what you do, the experience will always bring about tons of emotions for every family member. However, with the following tips from the pros, you can make the life-changing experience easy, if not great:

1.      Research Healthcare

Concerns about the health of your family should be your top priority when moving overseas. It is vital to research what is already available when you choose where to live.

You can achieve this by calling local doctors or hospitals and get advice from other expatriates through Facebook groups and online forums.

You can prevent most health problems by using common sense. Ensure your family understands the safety rules of taking or drinking water. The same thing applies when it comes to food safety, particularly at street markets and stalls.

Given the availability and quality of public medical services from one country to another, not every ex-pat can relocate to a place offering a reliable healthcare facility. In fact, you might be expected to even foot for the bill, so having health insurance for US citizens living overseas in place is important before moving.

2.      Choose Your Destination

Intertwined national economy means many opportunities for every American looking to work abroad. The majority of US citizens going abroad are found in neighboring countries, like Mexico and Canada.

However, after enduring many challenges of 2020, packing and moving to other new nations might not seem like a far-fetched idea. Having said that, thousands of Americans successfully venture to faraway countries like:

  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Costa Rica

3.      Take Care of Visa and Passport

Some countries allow people to live for several years using a tourist visa, and you will need to leave the nation once in a while so as to renew it.

Others need tons of paper and long application procedures, making it important to research the situation for the nation you want to move to.

Always reach out to the nearest consulate, embassy, or high commission of the nation you want to move to. Failure to get the right passport, visa, or permit is considered a crime and might lead to being deported, arrested, or jailed.

4.      Get Insurance for Ex-pats

Each year, millions of Americans realize their lifelong dreams and decide to go abroad to look for greener pastures. From executives looking to start new businesses to spirited students finding a way to gain more work experiences, becoming an American expatriate knows no limit to interests and ages.

Moving abroad with your family means that you need to understand the risks of not having healthcare coverage. As Americans leaving abroad, you might experience limited access to healthcare or massive hospital bills in the new country.

You never know where your family may get injured or sick while abroad. In order to be safe, ensure you have one of the quality global health insurance plans, which can cover medical bills and enable you to get treated when you want to.

Getting the insurance plan can save you the trouble of looking for immediate medical attention in the case of emergencies.

5.      Know Expat Taxes

For most Americans, moving overseas is a great opportunity to explore the world and enjoy life to the fullest.

Whether you wish to take your profession to another level in London or have the motivation to find your Zen in Asia, it is simple to pack and move to foreign countries, provided you remain compliant with US ex-pat taxes.

If you basically earn foreign income without understanding your tax obligations, it may result in serious repercussions. This is why it is important to understand the basics of ex-pat taxes and filing before going abroad.

6.      Look for the Best School

Finding the best education for your kids involves planning in advance and research. Every education system globally is different.

Ensure to look for both international and local schools within the new location and evaluate the pros and cons of every option. Researching will also enable you to make the right decision and even manage your financial expectations.

Concluding Remarks!

Similar to life itself, moving to another country comes with its own set of challenges. There are new laws to know, local languages to learn, cultural quirks to interpret, and bureaucracy to contend with.

For some, moving, especially with family, is a traumatic experience. Even if finding a new house overseas went well, there are still immaterial concerns, which you must handle with the help of these tips.

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