7 Marketing Strategies that Actually Work for Your Business in 2020

2020 by far has been the most surprising and shocking year – one that history has never seen before. Apart from the pandemic, there has been a severe lockdown that has sent many businesses into the distress mode and entire economies into a downturn like none other.

Therefore, it has become even more imperative to find ways to keep businesses, markets and economies thriving. One of the best ways to do this is to reach out to the people in the only place they can hang out now – online!

The world of the World Wide Web has been exploding and expanding since the past two decades. The last nine or so months have seen growth like never before with many online players even reporting an increase in revenues – case in question would be the increasing billions of none other than Amazon.

It has become pretty clear that one of the most profitable routes for any business would be to embrace the digital world and the world of e-commerce as well. This would mean making use of the right tools and technologies in order to do so.

Luckily, the last two decades have actually brought in a plethora of evolutions that can help in doing just that!

Marketing automation is one of the main wonders that has been gifted to us way back in 2006 when companies and brands were trying to find a way to make their way online and stay there profitably.

With the right marketing automation software, you can actually ensure that your brand makes crucial contact based on the right data so that conversions happen at a faster rate and growth happens at a consistent rate as well. There are a number of marketing automation strategies that you can bring in so that you can make use of these tools in a far more effective manner.

Before we understand more about the marketing strategies for your business in this challenging year of 2020, we would have to understand exactly what marketing automation is. The right marketing automation software is a problem solver at best.

The problem here would be the mounds upon mounds of big data in which opportunities lay hidden for business growth and better revenues. With a framework based on the parameters for your exact market segment, you will be able to capture this data and then match it automatically with the right functions so that you are able to automate your marketing process and foster better team collaborations as well. This is what marketing automation is all about.

When you turn to market automation, you will find yourself making crucial data work for you so that growth is a given, and your conversion rate grows by leaps and bounds. Yet, more importantly, you will also find that your brand recall value and your brand equity grows even as you are seen as a reliable and authoritative brand in your niche market for better customer retention and customer acquisitions as well.

Yet, for all this to happen, you would need to have the right marketing strategy in place. Here are some of the best marketing strategies for your business in 2020:

1.   New Consistent Content:

You would have to consistently churn out new content that articulates the needs and problem areas of your core customers where you can also pitch your product or service as the possible solution. This can be done by talking about a feature that can fix a certain problem area rather than pitching or marketing the product in a direct manner. This can be done with the help of the right marketing automation software so that you can constantly find the data to create new content.

2.   Set up a Campaign:

You should organize your data and the tasks for the marketing team around a campaign that would have an omnichannel presence. From email marketing to landing pages and everything in between, you would have to cover all the deliverables that would help you engage better with the customers. The marketing automation software would be able to help you automate such a campaign with all the data about your leads, prospects and customers with information about the step of the sales pipeline where they may be.

3.   Forster Collaborations:

With marketing automation in place, you will be able to create the right basis for collaborations without all the extraneous and chaotic communication. This kind of collaboration can be established between team members internally, or even with third party stakeholders and vendors since there are many people who provide services for a business to run efficiently. With marketing automation, you will be able to send out marketing automation notifications along with the right information so that the relevant team members would be to take necessary action on the same.

4.   Pay Attention to Tasks that Nurture:

It is not enough to simply capture and convert. In between those two steps, there is a crucial gap 6that must be filled with a nurturing process. The steps in your marketing automation must be geared towards having real conversations based on the data that you capture the buying preferences and behaviour of your market segment. These conversations would nurture relationships and help your brand come across as a real one that is interested in providing solutions and knowing more about what the leads and customers actually want.

5.   Follow-Ups:

Make sure that your follow-ups happen via email since this looks very professional and yet it is a personal thing since you are actually showing up in the inbox of the lead. Yet, it is better than a phone call since you would not be calling without a proper appointment. With marketing automation, you can make this a part of your marketing routine.

6.   Analysis is the Way to Go:

You would have to take a good hard look at the analysis and report every step of the way with your marketing automation software so that you know where you are going in terms of your progress.

Pranesh Balaji
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