7 Rolex To Buy As An Investment For Beginners

Excellence, class, and power: these are three words that usually come to mind when we come across the Rolex brand.  It is known as the watch of achievement. Ask anyone who wears a Rolex, and they might tell you the tale about why and how they got their wristwatch. But more than just an iconic brand that sets the status quo, it is also a great timepiece to invest in. Most collectors are after the value of an authentic Rolex. The more they increase in valuation, the better. So, whether you are a first-time buyer or someone seeking investment, we got the right list for you! Below are some of the best Rolex models that you can invest in and get massive returns in years to come. Read to learn more!

Why Invest In Rolex?

Without a doubt, this is the most famous brand globally, even though it is essentially not the most expensive one. Since 1905, the company has exceeded expectations when it comes to horology innovations. This is the timepiece that you can rely on, whether you are going on space exploration or diving the deep seas. But let us debunk something before we continue. Realistically speaking, not every Rolex model increases in value over time. It still depends on the price tag, rarity, supply, and demand. Here are factors that you can consider to deem whether a specific model will increase in value or not.

  1. Is it a vintage model?
  2. Is it the most popular model of the brand?
  3. Is it considered a collectible?
  4. What are the materials used to create the model?
  5. Is it rare?

Without further ado, here are specific models that you can add to your wishlist!

1.  The Submariner

According to most people, the Submariner is your safest bet for the most investable piece from the brand. First launched in 1950, it is the proven model that increases in value over time. The company has made several iterations and references of the Submariner. But take note that when you decide to buy one, make sure to check out the serial numbers. The 16610 in particular is promising. Of course, the references that are produced in small quantities are more expensive than others. Also, take note of the condition of the model. The Submariner has a sleek design, which makes it timeless. Being a sports watch, this model can reach up to 300 meters underwater.

2.  The Yacht-Master

Although this is a newer model, it is one of the crowd’s favorites. The aesthetics and functionality have made the model popular for both men and women. From its name, the timepiece is waterproof and has identifiable bold numbers, which makes it the perfect companion for any water voyage. But the best thing about this wristwatch is not only the aesthetics, but the materials used to complete it. These heritage wristwatches are made to last, and therefore, will hold great value on the resale market.

3.  Oyster Perpetual

When it comes to the oldest name in the book, this model is definitely one! Many would say that this is the best entry-level Rolex watch. But the older generations are the real deal. More specifically, the ref. 114300 since it has been discontinued. Many watch connoisseurs can tell this timepiece from afar because of its vibrant dials. The recent changes on the Submariner around 2020 are enough to create a buzz about the resale value of the model.

4.  The Day-Date Presidential

From the name of the model, we all know that this is different. With the resurgence of demand for gold, the Day-Date collection is becoming widely popular. The older iterations, such as the ref. 1803 and ref. 18238, hold their value well. Fun fact, it is the first self-winding watch that has the date feature. This model is available in different finishes, and for the ladies, some models even have encrusted diamonds. Of course, that helps in increasing the value of the wristwatch.

5.  GMT Master

Made for pilots and navigators, the GMT Master features a 24-hour display fourth hand complication. The rotatable bezel allows the wearer to check a third time zone hassle-free. The original version comes in pure stainless steel but has expanded to gold and other stone variations. In 2018, the Pepsis GMT Master II gained popularity and was selling for double its original price. Easily, this model is a no-brainer Rolex investment.

6.  The Cosmograph Daytona

Originally marketed for racecar drivers, this 1963 model exudes masculinity and boldness. The subdials give the wristwatch a sporty feel and have numerous variations. Since its launch, the value has been increasing tremendously. In terms of rare finds, the Daytona 6262 only has 30 known left pieces in existence. So if you are ready to let go of some investment money and love the haunt, this is one that you should search for. The Ref. 116500 70’s model sold for around $1000 at the time. And now, they sell between $85,000 and $110,000. The prices haven’t come down since.

7.  The Milgauss

The watch for scientists and engineers, the Milgauss is the solution to those who work near magnetic fields and want a trusty wristwatch. Reference 1019 is something that you should eye for. This model is criminally underrated, as this is not typically the first watch that beginners go after. From its unconventional design and bolder colors, this is the wristwatch for those who have been collecting Rolex for quite some time.

Invest in something unique today!

As the years pass by, many people are starting to see the value of investing in the luxury goods market. You might be wondering, why do people invest a lot of money on things like a wristwatch? Well, it has been proven time and time again that this type of investment holds their value over time, and even increases drastically! And when it comes to the best in the market, Rolex is definitely one of the star players in the horology department.

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