7 Smart tips to save money on kitchen remodeling

Are you a budding design enthusiast who wants to spice up your kitchen? Or does it look like it could use a bit of remodeling? Then here’s something that might interest you.


When you decide to remodel your kitchen you want it to look as best as it can. Marble counters, minimalistic designs, efficient placement, you want it all. But to get it all it costs money.


However, we understand your plight and that’s why we bring to you some smart tips to save money on kitchen remodeling.



According to research done by Houzz in 2018, kitchens remain the top priority when it comes to home renovation. Over 31 % of the 72,000 surveyed homeowners decided to renovate their kitchen. (Lake Area Mortgage)


A major portion of the modern homeowners in the United States updated their kitchen because they finally obtained financial freedom, a slightly smaller amount because they want to personalize it, a few because their kitchen broke down, and some just because they wanted a change.

Apart from these, sudden inspirations, change in family values and lifestyle changes and resale advantages were the next three reasons. (Statista)


Thus, to follow such a rule yet be conservative with money, a great deal of skill is required. The following steps can guide you towards a more efficient renovation.


  1. Redo your existing cabinets:

Simply put, this is the simplest and cheapest way to rework your entire kitchen. Requiring little to no expenses whatsoever as compared to any other process, it’s a great way to get around any obstacles in expenses when redoing your kitchen.

Giving your pre-existing cabinets a touch of color and life with some enamel paints or laminate, however, this can only be done if your cabinets are made of materials that can be refaced.

You may even choose to redo the cabinets with a coat of paint and gloss for the special effect and shimmer. Nothing looks more formal than well-laminated cabinets.

You may even choose to add new trim to your cabinets to catch that appeal while still preserving the overall structure of the cabinet.

  1. Adding new Hardware:

Nothing can catch eyes faster than brand new hardware in a newly refurbished house. With off the shelf or refurbished hardware, your cabinets can look all the more attractive, especially if you can get a matching set. This will give a very unique style to your kitchen.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a little bit of time searching your local stores or resales for a perfect set of kitchen hardware, just to add that perfect look to your kitchen.


  1. Converting furniture:

Whether it be shifting your dining furniture around to give a new look, installing barstools from a different corner of your house, or fixing up a table into a kitchen island, there are a variety of ways for you to creatively reinvent the kitchen into something impressive and completely original.


  1. Redoing your countertops:

Reworking your countertops by adding a bit of color and shimmer by redoing the granite, adding granite, making patterns out of different granite available to you, or going with a cement counter which you then laminate can be extremely appealing.

Using wood as a design tool to give your counter that edge, will be a great appealer.


  1. Giving it a splash of paint and tiling:

This bit is done in almost every kitchen refurbishment, where you add a splash of color and tone to give it a vibrant and warm effect.

You can also choose to add a backsplash using tiles, or wood if you are quite creative.


  1. Shopping local:

By shopping locally you might come across some great deals.


  1. Hiring an agency:

As you are aware there are plenty of agencies that redo your kitchens. Most of them are quite expensive, however some work for affordable prices. Especially if you happen to live in Australia, you can take a breather as there are companies that do great kitchen renovations Melbourne. With low prices and high quality of work, there’s nothing more to ask for.


Kitchen renovations are something that will affect your entire house so make sure you take the time to research and do it well.