7 tips to clean your carpet under budget

Carpets bear the brunt of almost all our activities and movements inside the house. They end up getting damaged because of the spillages that cause stains on them. You need to clean them regularly to ensure their good condition. Many people feel that getting rugs cleaned on a regular basis is an expensive process and thus avoid it.

Here are some ways that can help you clean your carpet under budget:

  1. Get Rid of Stains Immediately

The moment you spill something on the carpet or notice that something has been spilled, you need to clean it immediately before it sets into the rug.

Always remember that you must not scrub at a stain. That will only make it go deeper into your carpet, making it more difficult to remove it. You should blot the stain with a sponge or a wet cloth to remove it.

An exception to the clean immediately rule is mud marks on the carpet. If you notice any mud on your rug, you need to wait for a while to let it dry out. Then, you can easily wash the mark away.

  1. Be careful with what you use to treat stains

While it is important to clean the rugs the moment you notice a stain on them, don’t forget to get the right items to do so or you might end up damaging the carpet rather than cleaning it. Always ensure that you get a light-colored or (preferably) a white-colored cloth to blot the stains.

If you don’t do this and use one with bright colors, you might end up with an added problem as its colors can get transferred onto the carpet. When you are cleaning a stain, try to limit the area of the rug which you get wet in the process.

  1. Use Cheap fixes

One of the cheapest homemade fixes to cleaning a carpet is the soda water solution. This is especially effective in case of a red wine stain. It also works for other stains.

All you need to do is prepare a solution by mixing equal parts of water and soda. Put this solution into a spray bottle and spray it onto the stain. Next, you need to use a sponge to blot the stain. Try to move inwards towards the center of the stain while dabbing the sponge. Keep repeating the process a couple of times until the stain is removed.

There are several other solutions you can use like a nail varnish remover or an alcohol-based hairspray depending on the type of stain and the materials you have available.

  1. Vacuum regularly

You don’t have to remember to clean the carpet only when there is a stain on it. Regularly vacuuming the rug will ensure that it remains clean all the time and keep it free of dust particles.

Also, it is better to vacuum the carpet last after cleaning all the other areas of the room so that you are able to get everything off the carpet with the vacuum.

  1. Use The Vacuum Properly

As important as it is to vacuum the carpet regularly, you must also take care of doing it properly otherwise you can damage the carpet instead of cleaning it.

Vacuum slowly, letting it hover over a spot for a few seconds so that it is able to absorb all the dust particles properly. Never rub the vacuum harshly on the carpet’s surface or you might damage the fibers.

  1. Clean the corners

If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, it is important to regularly clean the corners. When you vacuum the carpet, make sure that you use a nozzle to let it collect particles from the corners as that is where most of the dust collects.

  1. Consult professionals

Once in a while, you should send your carpet to Kings Rug Wash to get it professionally cleaned and ensure that the integrity of the carpet is not damaged while it is washed.

Doing this will allow you to maintain the carpet properly for a longer period of time. Also, their services are quite affordable, thus, allowing you to stay within your budget.

Next time you want to clean your carpet, make sure that you use these tips in order to do it properly, without spending a lot of money.