7 Ways To Rock Your Storeroom with White Ceramic Tile

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White is the queen color when it comes to tiles. This timeless classic hue is recognized for its prominent glance and eliteness. When using a white ceramic tile to your spaces, you just add the freshness, which stays longer. However, have you ever thought about your storeroom? It’s one of the essential spaces of your home as you don’t only keep the scrap, but many of us keep our valuable items secretly. Here, we will learn about the smart ways to incorporate white tile into your storeroom. 

Playful Penny Rounds

The first list is about the beautiful penny round tiles. Just a little fun in your storeroom can take the wall decor to the next level. The mixture of a variety of white creates a soothing aesthetics and adds a subtle texture. Moreover, the white ceramic tile is an ideal choice to make your small storeroom feel grand. 

Bubble Statement

Bright yet bold is one of the appreciable minimalistic looks. To add a bubble statement, play with a bold glossy color. Plus, get a clean transition between white subway tile & bubbles. You get the beautiful store room which is hardly expected. In addition, the secret of the white tile is that you can try out many colors to have the unique background clash. 

Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash

You might be wondering what’s the role of hexagon kitchen backsplash here? Well, it’s a demanding kitchen wall decor. Using the same style for your storeroom will spice up the little space. Use high variation white wall tile & neutral cabinets, then see the striking magic it creates. 

Moroccan Fish Scale 

Fish scales are a perfect decor style for your neglected storeroom. The shape is pretty lively as it grabs the frequent attention of the eyes. Moreover, the white ceramic tile as a backsplash delivers a soft yet calming mood. 

Color Transitions

Do you know ombre designs are much trending? The combination of neutral colors starting with white and ending up with bold grey build a chic glance. Another way to kill the design is by mixing the tile shapes such as diamond due & hexagon. 

Black & White Floral Floor

Black & white makes me feel like that pair is made in heaven. This soulful combination has never been out of fashion as people adore it till today. With white wall tiles, keep the floor black & white to stand out. Go for glossy white & black ceramic tiles to get the depth touching the hearts of the viewers. 

Chevron Pattern 

Beating the chevron pattern is impossible, and who says it’s limited to the bathroom. You can get this wonderful glance to your storeroom anytime. Installing shiny white tile backsplash keeps the wall flowing & eye-catching. 

Bottom Line

Feeling inspired? Then what are you waiting for? Just get these inspiring wall decors to your small storeroom and conquer by the magic it creates. Storerooms are much failed to notice when designing the home. After reading this, I don’t think the same as you.

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