8 Reasons Why Your Event Poster Never Works Out The Way You Plan

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Posters are an extremely effective way to communicate about your event to your target audience. Whether you are promoting your event digitally or using traditional marketing methods, your Event Poster needs to be perfectly designed. There are many things to keep in mind while creating a poster, to ensure that your message is conveyed in an effective manner. 

Many times, poster designing is taken very lightly by the companies, resulting in huge mistakes in the final output. Let’s discuss some of these missteps that result in the failure of your event poster design.

Including too much text:

A lot of text spread across a large area cannot be processed by the readers. If people see too much text in your poster at first glance, they are most probably going to move past it. 

Include information that is straight to the point. Only stick to whatever is essential for the readers to know at that time. If you have huge information to provide to them, leave a means of contact in the poster.

  1. Following trends blindly:

Yes, this is the most common mistake made by companies. Your design and product offering does not have to be according to the hottest trend going on in the market. 

Instead, sometimes the trick is to be unique and design something which is not in trend. This is bound to immediately catch the attention of people and stand out from the competitors having similar kinds of event posters.

  1. Going overboard with fonts:

Nobody wants to read a paragraph that has a change in font styles every now and then. It gets very annoying and looks highly unprofessional as well as unorganized. 

Select a maximum of two font styles that go well together and use them in your poster design. Also, keep in mind to use professional fonts that are easy to read.

Keep the proper spacing between characters so that it does not get difficult to catch what words are written in the poster. 

  1. Using company name in the headline:

The main aim of your event poster is to communicate about the event that you are organizing. Keep your event name as the headline, as your company name will not convey any significant message regarding the actual event.  

Of course, you can include your name and bbb logo in the poster, but at the end or at a place where it is not the main point of focus.

  1. Having blurry elements:

Using low-resolution images and poor font choices can result in blurry elements in your poster design. Do not try to cover up a low-quality image using photoshop or any other editing tool. 

Use a high-resolution image file and graphic elements to make your design perfect with Poster Template. Give your creative mind some time and try to come up with unique ideas rather than just picking up stock images.

  1. Not including a call to action:

What is the immediate purpose of promoting your event poster? Include that at the end. Expecting calls? Online bookings? Website visits? Store visits? Let people know what they are expected to do after seeing your poster. 

Not including a call to action simply means that you are conveying a message to people without expecting anything in return. 

  1. No connection between image and text:

Often, companies tend to use an image that is not related to the actual event. Inserting an irrelevant image just to grab attention does not make sense to people. Pick up a picture that briefly describes the idea of your event, and then give additional information using the text.

  1. Extremely dark or low contrast colors:

We understand that playing with colors is fun, but be careful while using them in your poster. Use a proper combination of a light color, a bright color, and a dark one. 

Using colors with caution is crucial for supporting readability, for proper structuring, and grabbing attention at first glance.


While taking care of every little thing can be overwhelming, we have designed templates that can be customized in just a matter of minutes. Colour combinations and suggestions for font styles are already taken care of so that you do not have to spend much time deciding them! However, you can still create your unique poster design from scratch using our online poster maker.

  1. Festival posters:

There are a lot of festivals celebrated in our country, and so is the need to keep festive offers and discounts or arrange special events. There are a bunch of templates available for all kinds of festivals from Diwali to Halloween, giving you abundant options to design the perfect poster for your event.

Make optimum use of our excellent graphics to bring the best out of festival poster designs.

  1. Office event posters:

Nowadays, the trend of celebrating festivals with office team members is gaining pace in every organization. Whether you are organizing a fest on the office premises or somewhere else, let your employees know about it by putting up an attractive poster out there on the billboard!

  1. Music event posters:

Hosting a rocking musical night anytime soon? Let people know about the vibe that they will experience by choosing the ideal background image and elements. Choose from countless font styles and colors according to your preference.

  1. Posters for special event offers:

Keeping a special offer or discount on your company’s anniversary is inevitable. Completing notable years in the industry or the birthday of the director definitely speaks for a special event coming up. 

Include exclusive images of your choice and personalize the event poster to make it your own!

  1. Seasonal discount posters:

Summer, winter, fall, and season end sales are all popular when it comes to selling products related to clothing or lifestyle. While almost everyone does that, it is necessary to make your poster pop out. Customize the templates with the colors reflecting your brand so that it becomes easy for the viewers to build brand recognition. 


Now you’re equipped with the basics for creating your own event poster. Remember, the primary goal of your event poster design should be to grab people’s attention. A well-designed and thought through Poster Template can be a great asset in encouraging excitement and engagement. Posters can be a great asset for event promotion. Designing a powerful event poster, banner, flyer, or poster is an absolute must if you’d like to maximize your business.