Beating and Boxing His Way into Music, Harry D Cruz

Kazoo, an American instrument has made its way into the youngsters of India; all thanks to Harry D’Cruz.  Hariharan better known asa Harry D’Cruz is a trendsetter of the beartboxing culture in India. He was the first musician to combine the Kazoo and beatboxing to create a new buzz for his audience. 

As an impressionable young adult breezing through his teenage, Harry found his calling as one of the students from his college introduced him to the art of beatboxing.Harry went back home and further investigated this new found passion of his. In an instant he was hooked and wanted to learn all about beatboxing.

Harry’s realities were a small problem in him chasing the musicians dream but once Harry knew that this was his calling, there was no stopping him. Passion when mixed with skill creates greatness. That’s what happened when Harry set himself in a pursuit of creating saxophone music with only his mouth. 

Harry has been called the Human Saxophone, Magic musicbox amidst other names by his colleagues and his crowds. He is a man more than just names, and has been a Musicality Beatboxer, beatboxing coach, entertainer, emcee. Harry D’ Cruz has performed at a cornucopia of events ranging from College fests, music fests, corporate events, or private events he does them all. 

Harry D Cruz graduated from Indian Academy Degree College.Curiosity made him learn more about this art form, so he took various online and offline certification courses to further his learning of beatboxing. This relentless passion enabled him to be a master of Beatboxing in the country and he started teaching the art of beatboxing to anyone who is willing to learn it. 

This 23 year old served as the Cultural Secretary at Indian Academy Degree College for the year 2017-18. He became an active beatboxing coach after this and trained aspiring musicians under him. Harry has made beatboxing a day to day term for young Indians. His sounds reach places before him.

Harry has performed more than 100 shows across South India and has also performed on on the glorious stages of TEDx.Not only has Harry won a lot of music competitions, he has judged a few too. Namely the Kerala beatboxing championship(2019) and Just beatbox championship, Bangalore 2019.

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Currently the beatboxer is studying to get a Masters in Business Administration from St.George’s college of management studies.

The first Kazoo Beatboxer of India teaches the countrymen how life is a blessing when passion stands tall.