A complete guide on Bangalore

India is a fantastic country to visit the place and know about them. Every city and state has its own identity and is linked with history. There are many attractions and monuments which attracts many thousands and lakhs of tourists from every corner of the world.

The different stories fascinate travellers to come and visit these places. There are many famous places to see in India and before planning, it is necessary to know and learn about the areas so that it becomes easy to decide which place to visit.

Among many cities and states, Bangalore is one the famous place in India and is the capital of southern Karnataka state.

This city is not only famous for its high-tech industries but is also known for its amazing historical monuments and museums. Bangalore is also known as ‘India’s Silicon Valley’. Every monument has an amazing history behind it.

So if planning to visit Bangalore, it is important to know about Bangalore:

  • Best time to visit- The best time to visit Bangalore is during winters starting from October to February. Even if winters are over, it will still be pleasant weather to visit. Monsoon begins from June to September, and it comes with heavy rains. So the weather remains pleasant all over the month.
  • Culture: The majority of people in Bangalore are Hindus. They celebrate all the Hindu festivals like Diwali etc., and their main festival is Bengaluru karada. Women in Bangalore often wear sarees. Bangalore is often known as a silk hub of India. 
  • Language: Kannada is the official language of Bangalore. Majority of people also speak English as the literacy rates are very high. Some people also speak Hindi, and you will see people speaking in Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. So the travellers will not face any issue while conversing with people.
  • Attractions: Most of the places and museums are related to religious aspects. Tipu Sultan Fort is one of the main places to visit which was built at the end of the 18th century. The fort has an amazing architectural construction and has an unusual style.
  • There is also a huge statue of Shiva, which is 20 meters high and is an amazing sightseeing view. During the night, the statue looks very appealing to the eyes because of the special lighting. Also, there is an old temple with the statue of Nandi, a sacred bull and the estimated height is 4.5 meters. There is a great history behind that temple. Apart from religious places, Bangalore has many attractions like Lake Ulsur, where you can enjoy boating and explore the local beauty. Also, a great Ganesh event happens in Ulsur in August month. There are many other famous Hindu temples such as Malleswaram, Chikka Tirupati temple etc., and the list is long. A famous garden, i.e. Botanic Garden, founded by Sultan Haider Ali in 1760, where you will find an amazing collection of flowers.
  • There is a famous museum called the Brain Museum, which is under the control of the National Institute of Mental Health, where you can learn about the new findings of the principal organ. You can also spend your day hiking or campaigning. By this, you can enjoy your whole. You can go to ‘Bangalore Trekking Club’, which is on the outskirts of Bangalore.
  • Nightlife: Bangalore has many places for young people can enjoy the amazing nightlife. There are many places where people can enjoy late-night parties, along with delicious food and drinks.
  • Street markets: You will find a wide choice of shops and streets. They will find lots of variety of clothes, accessories, art craft, handicrafts, and other things.
  • Food: They are famous for south Indian foods which include idli and sambar, obbattu, momos, rolls and kebabs. You will find plenty of restaurants and eating stalls in every corner. Also, Chettin and culinary trend with a blend of national traditions is very famous in Bangalore. A simple recipe of meat with spicy sauce and chicken with sautéed vegetables are also quite famous dishes in Bangalore.
  • Hotels– You will find many luxurious hotels like stylish design hotels, extraordinary hotels, sight view hotels and villas in Bangalore. You can find one according to your needs and budget. You can even contact a travel agent or visit a travel website to avail best deals and offers.
  • How to reach– Bangalore is well-connected with the other cities and states like Mumbai, Goa, Coimbatore, Delhi.
  • You can easily travel through the air or by road. Also, Bangalore has two railway stations. You can further reach your destination by taxi or by metro.

So there are some points you need to know before visiting Bangalore. Surf internet about Bangalore before going as it will help you to know about the places and you can choose one about which you are interested to know.

Bangalore is also known for its education and colleges. So it is also known as an educational hub. So many people send their children to Bangalore due to its high-quality education. Also, there are many job opportunities, especially in IT. So this is a heavenly place for job seekers or the one who are planning for a start-up business.

Concerning safety, Bangalore is one of the safest cities in the country. You will easily find a cab at midnight. But there is a traffic jam issue, so always choose your hotel which is in the central location. Get a hotel which is in between the monuments and attractions you want to visit and also which is near the metro station for easy travelling.

You will get plenty of hotels to choose from. You can choose one based on your budget, amenities and luxuries etc. It is always recommended to go through the feedback and reviews of the hotel before booking one.

Always keep in mind that a comfortable stay can make your vacation a great trip. Also, a travel website can help you to get you the best package according to your preferences and budget.

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