A Guide To Choosing The Right Bed Linen

Finding the right linen for your bed is as important as finding the right clothes for yourself. The bed needs to look beautiful, and even though the mattress is soft, if the linen is not, it will not be comfortable. There are people who have different preferences and wish for crisp linen and that is fine too. This all depends on preferences but here we are writing this so that people don’t fall prey to the sales traps. Buyers are naive, they don’t understand the important terms related to bed linen and that is the reason why salespeople can manipulate them into thinking that what they are selling is the best. Reality is often the opposite and people end up being disappointed for not being able to understand their mistake earlier. Better late than never, so read this article till the end to know everything about choosing the best bed linen.

What Are The Mistakes That People Make Often?

Buyers set out to buy linen without knowing what they exactly want and that becomes the reason for their dissatisfaction. Most common mistakes that people make are:

  • Not knowing the size of their bed
  • Not properly understanding the qualities of different fabrics
  • Trusting the salesperson blindly
  • Not deciding on a budget
  • Buying in a hurry

All these are the mistakes that everyone makes at some point. Some people are smart and they always buy things after proper research but then there are some who have bitter experiences before they start doing the same. We hope that after reading this article most people will not repeat the same mistakes that they were doing all this while. It is a guide that will take the readers through all the important aspects of selecting the right bed linen.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Bed Linen

To avoid making the mistakes that have been mentioned above and to get the best bed linen make sure to consider all the things that are mentioned below:

1. Size Of The Bed

It is important to remember the size of the bed for which you are buying the linen. This will make sure that you never buy a short bedsheet. Long ones also look bad as they fall out from the sides of the bed. To make the bed look its best, it is important to buy a bedsheet that is perfect for the size of the bed. This can be done either by measuring the size of the bed properly with a measurement tool or predicting it. People who are not good at prediction should get the size with the help of a measurement tool.

2. Count Of The Number Of Threads

Thread count is the total number of threads that are woven on to the linen. This impacts the softness and the texture of the sheet and how it will feel to touch or to sleep on. Linen with high thread count will be softer than the one that has less thread count. Most people who wish to buy good linen don’t understand this aspect and that is why they end up believing whatever they are told. This is what again becomes the reason for their disappointment.

3. Breathability

This means whether the linen is chemically processed or naturally. The ones that are natural are more breathable than the ones that are chemically processed. This is the reason why it is better to avoid chemically processed linen. This affects the comfort and the durability of the bedsheet as time passes.

4. The Material Of The Sheet

The material of the sheet makes a great difference in its quality and texture. This also makes a difference in the budget. Most people prefer linen or flannel but others are good as well. It all depends mainly on the preference of every individual. Below are all the types of fabric materials that are available in the market:

  • Cotton
  • Supima Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Hygro Cotton
  • Flannel
  • Tencel
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Polyester

All of these materials have different qualities and comfort levels. This is the reason why buyers need to do proper research about all of them and then go out to buy one.

5. Weaves

The way the sheets are woven says a lot about them. It affects the comfort, the texture, and the durability of the sheets. There are three types of weaves in Linen: Flannel, Percale, and sateen. They are all different. People prefer Flannel the most as it is comfortable, it feels smooth and is durable as well. Though they can be a bit costly they will enhance the look of the bed. After flannel, there is Percale that is a bit crisp and the last one is sateen that is smooth on one side and also very comfortable. Sateen is also preferred by a lot of people.

6. Pattern And Designs

The design of the linen matters as it has to match with the furniture and their covers. People cannot just buy anything for their house. The beds are all different and buying a design that will complement the structure of the bed is also really important. There are many patterns that are available and can be paired with sofa covers and tablecloths.

7. Washing

Washing bed sheets of different materials is different and it is difficult for some of them. People should refrain from buying fabrics that are not easy to wash. People need to select bed sheets according to their comfort. If they have good washing machines and all types of washing powders then they can buy any linen.


The above-mentioned aspects and common mistakes will help anyone to understand how they need to proceed when they set out to buy linen. This article covers all the aspects and still, people can research more about the material that they want to buy. All of them have different textures and comfort levels. Some have a rich look, while some look really simple. It depends on the individual what they want. Buy your linen after knowing what is right for you and what is not.