A record number of women candidates in the UK elections this time.

A record number of women candidates are competing in the UK general election this time. According to a preliminary research report by the Press Association (PA), a total of 8,222 candidates have been elected from different parties against the total number of seats in the House of Commons. Of them, 9,320 are women, which is about one-third? This has not happened in the past.

The general election in the UK on December 12. Last Thursday was the last day of the nomination. This time, five teams and 20 independent candidates are competing.

According to the PA report, the leftmost Labor Party has nominated the highest number of women candidates. The party has given a total of 12 seats. Five of them are women, which accounts for 12 percent of the party’s total candidates. Conservative-Conservative Conservative Conservatives have four female candidates, which is 5 percent of the party’s five candidates.

Also, the liberal Liberal Democrat has given a total of six seats. There are 5 candidates in women. Twenty-five of the Green Party candidates is women. And Oles-based provincial parties Plaid Kamri out of the total 5 candidates are women. The three parties have agreed to give a single candidate for the anti-Brexit seat in a total of four positions. Because of this, the number of candidates for the parties has decreased in the past.

However, the number of candidates has dropped drastically to the right-wing party United Kingdom Independent Party (Ukip). The European Union (EU) elected a total of 8 seats in the opposition Ukip 20. The team is competing in only four places this time. There are 5 candidates in women.

On the other hand, the newly formed Brexit party, led by Nigel Faraz, announced his candidacy in the last 20 seats, although he had contested more than 500 seats. Among them, there are three women contestants. The Brexit party emerged as the UK’s largest party in the EU parliamentary elections in May this year.

However, Nigel Faraz has publicly complained that the Conservatives have put some of his party’s candidates in various temptations. London Metropolitan Police on Saturday said in a statement that they were investigating two allegations of irregularities in the election.

Meanwhile, there is a commitment to keep ahead of the election. Left-leaning leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn Gas, announced the return of power railway to state ownership in the 27th election. This time, he promised British Telecom (BT) company ownership of state-owned Internet and telephone services free of charge. He has outlined various plans for improving the standard of living of the ordinary people by making national health services and state welfare services more generous. Under pressure from Corbyn’s promise, the Brexit debate has begun to take a different turn.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rationally criticized Corbyn, saying, “Communist bullies at SabiKhepat.” But to counter the push for Labor, he has already promised to increase government spending by going against the party’s position. Although the election promises to cut taxes for the wealthy in every election, the Conservatives have not even mentioned it this time.