Amazing Tips for Searching on Instagram Like a Pro

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Instagram is still an extremely popular social networks. It doesn’t matter that there aren’t many ads or hyperlinks or a thriving group of users, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your global and local audience and if you’re not using it, you might miss the chance to expand.

In the past, Instagram was a thorny platform because its search feature was not yet fully functional. Prior to that, you had just two choices.

  1. Through username
  2. With hashtag

This was an obstacle for many businesses to access since it wasn’t possible to get specific. There was, of course, the option to dig deeper and look locally however, it wasn’t as simple and straightforward as it could be.

It’s all changed. If you’re still using with the old method, it’s the time to update. Get acquainted with the new Instagram search feature. Here are six ways I use Instagram to find specific active users and photos to interact with.

6 Ways to Search on Instagram

Search by Hashtag

The search engine hasn’t changed too in any way. It is still possible to search for hashtags in various ways. You can select a hashtag directly in a post or description. You can also make use of Search feature. I prefer the search function because it provides you with the chance to look at other hashtags with similar characteristics to broaden and extend your search.

Search by Location

This is the most exciting new feature, in my opinion. It is now possible to search for locations by using the search feature in Instagram’s application. Select the tab for places and type in the search field. This is an excellent way to find out who has snapped pictures near your place (hello Influencers, active followers and clients). The content created by users is extremely effective for social proofing , and it is possible to use this type of content. Make sure you ask first and obtain permission. The location search feature is also a good method of searching near areas to locate more locals that can visit your restaurant, cafe, or shop, or.

Search by Keyword

You can search for an entire handle. If you already know who you would like to follow, or utilize it for general searches to find specific keywords inside the handle in order to identify similar people as well as super fanatics. If, for instance, you run an organization that sells wine chances of being a wine enthusiast is quite high when wine is included in their handle.

Search by User

If you are aware of whom you would like to follow, you’re in the middle. Enter their name into the search box and visit their page. I like opening the page rather than following immediately because once you have followed them, it will show an enumeration of others who are similar to their profile. The idea is to get focused, and this is a fantastic method.

Search With Followers

When you’ve found an organization that’s similar to yours to yours, competitive or an influencer who speaks about issues that relate to your company, you can begin to research and follow their followers as well. It’s a fantastic opportunity to inform them that you’re active on Instagram and eager to start engaging with them. I am a huge fan of when businesses follow me. It allows me to find them easily and access their fantastic content.

Search Twitter

It’s a topic you not heard of or even thought about, and I’m happy to present it to you. This is a solution to the problem the time when people don’t have hashtags, but you need to find pictures that represent your brand similar images. Go to Twitter and look up the keyword, as well as the one that follows Instagram.

This will let you look at the pictures that users have tweeted. The keywords will appear if they’re part of the description for the image. This is pretty awesome, right?


You can directly search through Instagram.com and also on the internet via its search feature. There isn’t a way to search for places yet however, I believe it will be available soon.

What do you do when you’ve found the perfect images and individuals? Like, follow, and comment is always a great way to gain new followers and new friends.

Best of luck!

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