Apple Watch Tips and Features You Must Know

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Got a new Apple Watch? Also, have a collection of Apple Watch straps in Australia. The device gives you the best watch experience and your choice of Apple Watch strap makes the watch look more stylish. If you are using the latest operating system that is watchOS7, you are going to learn a lot about Apple Watch features. Your Apple Watch can do more than the following for you: 

  • Telling the time 
  • Navigation   
  • Workout tracking 
  • Siri commands 
  • Fitness tracking 
  • Fall detection and abnormal heart rates 
  • Receiving messages and making calls 
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Blood oxygen tracking in the Series 6 
  • ECG readings in Series 4, 5 and 6 
  • Notifications and read messages 

Track Sleep 

Set up Bedtime mode and the watch will track sleep natively. 

Wash Your Hands

The watch reminds you that you need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Check VO2 Max

This new addition is tracked in the Fitness app.  

Cardio Fitness Alerts 

The brand expanded VO3 Max by adding Cardio Fitness score. 

Share Watch Faces 

In addition to providing you with new watch faces, the watch also allows you to share them. 

App Dock 

Now you need to touch the side button to see apps that are currently open. 

Unlock Your Mac 

You can also use watchOS7 to unlock your Mac.

Software Update 

Your iOS device shows a pop-up whenever a new update is available. 

Listen to Music 

Cellular support brings Apple Music streaming to your Apple Watch. 

Clear all Notifications

Tap Clear All and there will be no overburden of notifications. 

Set a Timer or an Alarm 

Launch the Alarms app and use the Digital Crown to set alarms or timer. 

Utilize Siri 

You can now get more contextual information with Siri. 


Press the Digital Crown and Side button simultaneously to take a screenshot. 

ECG Reading 

Series 4 came with the ability to take ECG (electrocardiogram) reading. 

Discreetly Check the Time 

You don’t always need to raise your wrist to view time. Just twist the digital crown. 

See Apps in Use 

Use ‘On Screen Raise Show Last App’.

Swaps Bands 

You get new Apple Watch straps in Australia to change the look of the watch. 

Auto Pause 

Unlock your iPhone and launch the Apple Watch app to enable automatic run pausing. 

Use iPhone to Unlock Watch 

Unlock with iPhone feature allows you to unlock your watch. 

Old Watch as Kids Tracker 

watchOS7 allows you to add one more Apple Watch to the Apple ID. This watch can be used as kids watch. 

Blood Oxygen Measure 

The Blood Oxygen app allows you to check your blood oxygen levels. 

Prominent Haptic

Set a Prominent Haptic and you will get notifications without alerting anyone. 

Heart Rate Notifications 

The watch alerts when your heart rate is lower or higher than a threshold. 

Breathe App 

The Apple Watch Breathe app is a handy wellness feature. 

Chain Together Workouts 

Are you a triathlete? Your Apple Watch allows you to chain together workouts. 

Activity Rings 

You can share Activity Rings with your friends using Apple Watches. 

Watch Face 

The photo album watch face randomly selects and cycles through images. 

Music Playback 

You can use your watch to control the music playback on iPhone or Apple HomePod. 

AirPods Volume 

Keep your iPhone in your pocket. You can control the volume on AirPods using your Apple Watch. 

Fall Detection 

Fall Detection is an important feature for 65 or older Apple Watch users that makes an emergency call when the user falls and does not respond within 60 seconds. 

Data Usage 

Got cellular connection? You can track your data usage using your Apple Watch.